UrbanIndo 4th Anniversary: Go to The Top & Reach The Sky!

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Today marks UrbanIndo 4th anniversary. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. For the past 4 year I have been blessed to work alongside with my colleagues who have always put their heart and soul into making UrbanIndo a better company.  We have been constantly and rapidly making progress to further help our users to make better-informed property decisions.

Several years ago, only few certain people have good real estate data for any location in Indonesia. Today a first time home buyer can look at UrbanIndo and gets important market insights from market price, historical price, area analytic, house pricing index and among others. We are creating an even playing field that allow first time home buyer to purchase a house like a pro and make a smart decision in real estate.

Several years ago, only big real estate agencies (and real estate developers) have budget to determine the profile of their potential buyers. Today an independent agent who is actively posting properties at UrbanIndo can download a personalized report to learn more about his/her potential buyers, current market demand/supply and how to allocate the marketing budget appropriately.

While we should be proud of what we have accomplished and where we have established ourselves in the market, we are still in the beginning of our long journey. We have a responsibility to ensure the successful growth continuation and transformation of UrbanIndo to be geared for the better future. To continue innovating and releasing new products so we can serve our users better and bolster our position in the market. We will make it happen.

Here is to the next 100 years!

Bandung, 16 th  November 2015
Arip Tirta
CEO & Founder of UrbanIndo

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