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People moving in with boxes

What Should You Do Right After Your Condo’s TOP?

You can finally move into your condo; but what are your immediate steps now that you can? Here are some tips on what to look for right after moving-in day: Special thanks to Metro Residences for the moving-in tips: 1. Defects Inspection Check the duration of your Defects Liability Period (DLP) – it’s usually at…

The Non-Tourist Trap Guide to Living in Punggol

In this instalment of the non-tourist trap guide, we will be looking into the fast developing neighbourhood of Punggol – once a fishing village, today considered a hotspot for value property buys: History of Punggol Punggol is a new town located in the north-eastern part of Singapore, along the coast opposite Malaysia. It means “throwing…

Juniper Hill has a 50m lap pool for residents

A Home Above All at District 10 – Juniper Hill

Allgreen’s second project in The Bukit Timah Collection offers luxury in a quiet sanctuary With a sterling track record spanning over 30 years, Allgreen Properties is known for building quality projects. Today, the developer is one of the largest property groups in Singapore with a portfolio of residential and commercial properties that caters to a…


5 Things You Learn Living Near The Void Deck

Ever wondered what it is like to live near the void deck? Let us share with you five things about living near this magic place: #1 You have the most convenient location in the block Physical disability poses as a problem for homeowners with elderly parents or grandparents. This might be something you factored into…

fully furnished bedroom with windom

9 Ideas to Maximise the Value of a Spare Room

So you have a spare room in your house, that you have absolutely no idea what to do with. Spare rooms are often convenient dumping grounds; so why not take this opportunity to turn the extra space into something special? Try these out: How to convert a spare room Guest Bedroom Home Office/Study Room Home…

A typical study room.

Myths That Make Your Study Room Worse

Are you the type who needs to lock away all electronic devices before studying? Or are you the type who needs to blast loud music to boost your concentration? Different conditions work for different folk; but some things affect them all the same: Wrong Lighting Keep the Bed Far Away to Improve Focus Electronic Devices…

Tampines Central vs Jurong East: Which Is Better?

We all know that certain parts of Singapore can actually be an island on their own, as they’re rather self-sufficient. Today, we will look at the two most debated hubs of the sort – the East versus the West. We’ll be comparing between the Tampines Central and Jurong East. Factors to Consider We’ll be using…

A signboard showing "Orchard Road".

Is Buying Orchard Towers Property a Good Idea?

Orchard Towers is neck-and-neck with Geylang, for showcasing the underside of Singapore. But some would say it’s a much more atas version of Geylang. But does all of this overshadow the fact that Orchard Towers is prime, central location property? How much does a unit at Orchard Towers actually cost? As of 2018, residential units…

Empire Allianze Group's Top Achievers in ERA for 2018 Property Agent Success Stories: Mark Kong equips an expanding Empire with tools for success

Over the years Mark Kong has forged strong alliances with industry leaders, allowing him to create an empire in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As a true blue ERA veteran of 20 years, Mark has lead ERA’s Empire Allianze Group to success and has ambitious plans to expand his kingdom further, all whilst maintaining a collaborative…

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