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Blocks of HDB flats and a long stretch of nature park

Singapore Green Plan 2030: How will it impact property developments and sustainability in our country?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increased awareness and movement towards sustainability. Whether it’s paying more for paper bags or travelling in electric cars, we’re becoming more environmentally conscious.  Likewise, the property sector has been embracing sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly design and practices into their developments. This is also driven by the Building and…

Former Moulmein Primary School at Jalan Rajah

Why do some former school sites get torn down for housing?

As a land-scarce country, balancing between setting aside land for development and conserving old sites is challenging. Over the years, we’ve seen many old buildings get demolished to make way for development.  Even the old National Library at Stamford Road wasn’t spared. Despite calls for conservation, the iconic red-bricked building was demolished in 2004 to…

A woman vacuuming living room to allergy-proof home

11 steps to allergy-proofing your home

The home is where you can relax and chill, but it’s also where your allergies can be triggered. Allergens can be anything from pollen, dust mites, mould to animal dander. While allergies can’t be cured, you shouldn’t just rely on antihistamines. Allergic rhinitis can be controlled by minimising your exposure to allergens. And you can…

An iconic heritage: Own a piece of shophouse history while living in modern comfort at 1953

Mention shophouses, and we would imagine pitched roofs, timber windows and five-foot walkways. Their unique identities connect us to our past and reinforce the need to preserve our heritage well into the future. OWNING A PIECE OF SINGAPORE’S BUILT HERITAGE To own a piece of built heritage is to understand why shophouses are unique. Shophouses…

Huttons bolsters corporate team with new additions

Header image shows Huttons corporate management team (top row from left): Steve Siu, Director of IT; Lee Sze Teck, Director of Research; Ngiam Juyong, Senior Executive Officer; Peggy Ngiam, Key Executive Officer and Senior Project Director; Mark Yip, Chief Executive Officer; Loke Tuck Choy, Senior Project Director; Lily Foo, Chief Financial Officer; Lim Hui Leng,…


All units of entire EDEN condo at Ardmore-Draycott enclave sold: A closer look at transactions along the billionaire’s belt

Update as of 01/04/2021: has come to understand that the buyer isn’t a single individual. We’ve since made some adjustments to the article.  Update as of 7/04/2021: It is understood that the Tsai family of Want Want China Holdings is the family that has bought all the units in the condo. We’ve adjusted parts…

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