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Should I Take Over a Commercial Property?

Some  say residential and commercial properties are two “different animals”, like cats and dogs. But really, it’s more like the difference between a cat and tyrannosaurus-rex. The two are so different, a residential investor may need to to re-learn the rules from the ground-up. Here’s how to tell if you’re ready to take over a…

New Wheelchair Ramps for HDB Flats Good News for Elderly

[This article first appeared on Channel NewsAsia.] Seniors living in older flats with multi-step entrances will soon be able to enter and exit their homes more easily and safely. There are about 170,000 such homes in Singapore and from Wednesday (Dec 5), the Housing and Development Board (HDB) will offer ramps for residents living in…

Could 2019 Be a Year of Mortgagee Sales?

Singapore landlords have a lot of holding power, so mortgagee sales aren’t common. The last time it spiked was way back in Q3 2017. But given the combination or rising interest rates and trade tensions, could we see a repeat of the situation in 2019? With each passing day, the answer seems to shift from…

5 Tips Successful Property Investors Never Told You

You’ve learned it all by now: check the gross rental yield, calculate the Return on Investment, and never again pay for a property investment course in a dodgy hotel seminar (if you read our blog, you can learn the same things for free). But we asked some veteran investors about the less known secrets, which…

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4 Dangerous Ideas Singapore Property Investors Have

One problem with property investment is that, unless you’re very rich and a big-time investor, it’s hard to practice. It’s not like small time fiddling with stocks, where you can afford to make several dozen bad trades before you smarten up. So for small time investors with, say, one or two places to let out,…

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