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Are Jakarta Property Prices Headed For A Slump?

The Indonesian government is planning to relocate the capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimantan. How will this affect property prices in Jakarta? According to Indonesia’s Planning Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro, the construction of the new capital city would commence in the year 2021, with the budget allocation reaching a whopping  466 trillion Rupiah (or around…

Asians love property assets for many reasons

Why Do Asians Love Property Assets So Much?

It’s pretty well known that Asian people love so-called “safe haven” assets, particularly gold and property. But what’s the root of the obsession? It may be about more than just our parents’ HDB flat appreciation: It isn’t just a stereotype In China, some 70 per cent of millennials are already home owners – a number…

6-in-10 singaporeans think government should control condo prices

Those 6-in-10 Singaporeans May Not Realise the Government IS Controlling Prices

Apparently, six in 10 Singaporeans think condo prices should be controlled by the government, according to some survey that’s out there. But we should realise that the Singapore government is already very controlling, when it comes to the real estate market: Is the government controlling prices for condos? The government hasn’t directly come down and…

How To Spot The Best Investment Property

Not all properties are created equal. Find out what makes a potentially good investment property. Buying investment property is quite different from buying one to live in. If your agenda is the former, then the first thing you need to do is to assess whether the said property can potentially generate a steady rental income…

Can Buy Anot? My Bachelorette Pad Under $1 Million

Every few weeks, we address someone who asks us “Can Buy Anot” with regard to a given property. And then we weigh in with a lot of head-scratching, pondering, and hassling property veterans for their views. Today, we’re talking to Rose Yip, who’s checking out Alexis in Queenstown: Rose: While I do pride myself with…

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