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5 Most Affordable Industrial Spaces (Q2 2019)

Who says factories and industrial properties in Singapore are expensive? In this blog post, we share five highly affordable industrial spaces in Singapore starting at just $480,000. Basically: for what it costs to purchase a four-room resale flat in Punggol, you could buy an industrial property that comes with 10 times the floor area. #1:…

An overview of Sentosa Cove.

Billionaire’s Unsanctioned Garden, ‘Absurd’ Houses Upset Some Sentosa Cove Residents

Sentosa Cove is a luxurious living place. Many residents have taken initiative to beautify their homes and even common areas. However, one billionaire may have overdone it, leading to many debates. Unique Houses and Beautifying Common Areas One billionaire, who has chosen not to be named, decorated his houses creatively – one resembles a futuristic…

Senior citizens

Singapore’s First Dementia Care Village is in the Works: Here’s What to Expect

Singapore is opening its first dementia care village, a much needed necessity given our ageing population. But if you think this is some sort of old folk’s home or hospital, you’re wrong. It’s so much more than that: What’s going on in Sembawang? The Ministry of Health (MoH) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced yesterday…

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