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How to Improve Rentability During a Downturn

“Vacancy” doesn’t just apply to an untenanted house – it’s also the state of your wallet, your soul, and your financial future when it happens. You’ll want to fill the void as quick as possible, so here are some ways to do it: Tenant behaviour changes during a downturn Tenants tighten their belts, you’ve already…

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Here’s What S’porean Women Want in a Bachelorette Pad

Ladies, we all need our own space; and if you’re getting your first home (or even just renting it), you want something that suites you. Here’s what you need to consider: Must-haves for your Bachelorette Pad Variety in Lighting Large Beds Walk-in Closet Vanity Station Big Mirrors Work-out Spot Well-equipped Kitchen 1. Variety in Lighting…

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10 Surprising Household Uses of Sugar

Sugar usually makes you think of baking or a good cup of coffee. However, unknown to many, this common ingredient can be pretty handy outside of the kitchen too. Here are 10 ways to put sugar to good use in the household: 1. Keep flowers fresh Prolong the life of your flowers by storing them…

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Eco-Friendly Renovation Options In Singapore

With climate change on the rise, we can all do our part in reducing our carbon footprint. Ever wondered how you can make a difference in tweaking your home to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle? Let us shower you with ideas and some inspiration for eco-friendly renovation options in Singapore: #1 Paint with low VOC…

How Young Singaporeans Can Save for a Million-Dollar Home

How Young Singaporeans Can Save For a Million-Dollar Home

Just last year, Singapore was the second-most-expensive city in the world to buy a private property, with prices averaging at $1.1 million. This leads many young Singaporeans to underestimate what they can afford. Take this three-bedroom condominium in Sengkang; its hefty $1,000,000 price tag may seem unattainable – but here’s how you might buy it:…

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