FOR SALE: A rare and swanky apartment near Orchard

Imagine stepping out of your own private lift into a spacious apartment bathed in natural sunlight, with an sophisticated interior dressed in neutral hues and a frontage that gives you sweeping views of lush tree canopies. Recently listed on, this is a luxurious 2,293sq ft four-bedroom apartment at The Grange, a freehold condominium within…

renovation issues hdb punggol circuit breaker

No help, out of money, breathing construction dust: Covid-19 renovation woes plague homeowners

Picture this: it’s the circuit breaker period, your half-renovated new home is in shambles, and it’s completion date. Now the buyers demand to move in to the house you’ve sold, and you have nowhere to move to. This is the predicament that many homeowners in Singapore have found themselves in since the start of April,…

These 3 types of people really need home insurance

Some home insurances are better than others, too. As you navigate adulthood you’ll soon realise that insurance, such as hospitalisation plans, is necessary. Even pet insurance is now a thing. But the most underrated plan ever? Home insurance. This is because it’s often overshadowed by its cousin, the fire insurance plan. While fire insurance is…


Can I move house during the Covid-19 circuit breaker period?

Moving house is already a headache for new homeowners and tenants in normal circumstances, but with Covid-19 it has become downright confusing ever since the Singapore government’s ‘circuit breaker‘ measures were announced. The measures include closing down all workplaces classified as non-essential and banning all public and private social gatherings—from 7 April to 1 June…

Solidarity Budget: Will SIRS, rebates and relief payments be enough?

To address the adverse economic impact of the Covid-19 circuit breaker contingency measures, the Singapore government announced the Solidarity Budget on 6 April 2020. Totaling S$5.1 billion, the Solidarity Budget is the third in a series of Covid-19 financial support packages, after the Unity and Resilience Budgets. The Solidarity Budget mainly consists of enhancements to…

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