7 Newly MOP-ed HDB Projects Worth Checking Out in 2019

Newly MOP-ed flats appeal to largely to younger families or singles who want a new home without the wait. With the Singapore government recently announcing an increase in grants for first-time buyers of resale HDB flats, we expect at least some home-seekers to set their sights (i.e. budgets) higher when home hunting. In the coming…

HDB Flats In Singapore

What Will Really Happen To The HDB Resale Market Now?

There’s been a considerable bit of hoohah over how the recent changes in income ceiling for HDB BTO flats and housing grant could potentially impact the resale market.  Industry observers believe that the move could have a positive impact on the HDB resale market.  Why? This comes with the increased accessibility and potentially higher demand…

You busted the HDB income ceiling. Now What?

Talk about #firstworldproblems. Singaporean couples wanting to settle down and “BTO” could suddenly find themselves locked out of an affordable first-home option, simply because they are earning too much and their combined salaries have exceeded the HDB income ceiling! In fact, if you and your life partner together earn more than $12,000, you won’t be…

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