5 Things You Learn Living Near The Void Deck

Ever wondered what it is like to live near the void deck? Let us share with you five things about living near this magic place: #1 You have the most convenient location in the block Physical disability poses as a problem for homeowners with elderly parents or grandparents. This might be something you factored into…

Eco friendly home

Eco-Friendly Renovation Options In Singapore

With climate change on the rise, we can all do our part in reducing our carbon footprint. Ever wondered how you can make a difference in tweaking your home to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle? Let us shower you with ideas and some inspiration for eco-friendly renovation options in Singapore: #1 Paint with low VOC…


What to Consider When Opening a Bubble Tea Shop

Thinking of opening a bubble tea shop in Singapore? When it comes to starting this new business, you want to look at a variety of factors. One of the most crucial factors to look into is the location of your shop. Here are some of our insights into choosing a good location for your bubble…


The Non-Tourist Trap Guide To Staying In Serangoon

In this instalment of the non-tourist trap guide, we will be looking into the busy neighbourhood of Serangoon. Don’t be too quick to glance over this hour glass-shaped town on your map and run off to Orchard Road! Believe it or not, this busy town is full of good eats, good shopping and good people:…

HDB estate_Singapore

Property Jargon Of The Day: Executive Maisonette (EM)

Everyday, 99.co demystifies a piece of property jargon. Today, we explore the highly coveted Executive Maisonette. Executive Maisonette (EM) explained EMs are double-storey HDB units. Most have three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the upper floor. A living / dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and store room are on the lower floor. Some also come with…

Liang Court

Liang Court: Plans For Redevelopment

Opened in 1984, the familiar Liang Court complex has undergone many changes, one of which, plans for redevelopment. With new owners like CapitaLand and City Developments (CDL) officially acquiring Liang Court for $400 million on 31 May. The new owners’ immediate focus is the daily operations of the mall. As part of their active asset management…

Property Jargon of the Day: Smart Home

Every day, 99.co demystifies a piece of property jargon. Today, we’re looking at the hoo-ha about smart homes: What is a Smart Home? Smart Homes use Internet of Things (IoT) to create connectivity in home devices. Wouldn’t you love if you could switch on the air conditioning before reaching home or switch off lights even…

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