home service yard

How to make better use of your home’s service yard

Despite its all-round usefulness as a general utility area and laundry room, the service yard is rarely a top priority for homeowners when it’s time for an interior makeover. This shouldn’t come as a total surprise, however, considering that service yards are more about practicality than looks. In any case, that you shouldn’t stop you…

4 room hdb design

4-Room HDB Designs That Aren’t Your Cookie-Cutter Home

These 10 HDB 4-room apartments surprise us with what can be achieved design-wise. 1. Give a clean and timeless modern look a gritty spin with hues of black and grey. Sleek lines pull the look together, creating visual interest and cohesion. Interior Designer: KDOT Associates Location: McNair Road 2. With a simple colour palette, add one…

How to give HDB a landed look

8 unique features to give your HDB a landed look

Huge bungalows and mansions with lots of space to play around with and create the most insane, luxurious features at home – whether it’s towering pillars, rustic exposed ceiling beams or outdoor showers, the sky’s the limit. While majority of us can’t afford a snazzy Sentosa Cove home or quaint Good Class Bungalow around Bukit…

5 common renovation regrets you should avoid

A life without regrets is impossible, but the very least we can do is to help you avoid the most common regrets that people had when renovating their home. Navigate these pitfalls like a pro and get a good head start on your home renovation journey now without any renovation regrets! Regret 1: Taking On A…

8 renovation ideas for the budget conscious

It’s a common belief that homes that did not come with a big renovation price tag probably wouldn’t look as nice as those that did. We beg to differ. These homes may not ranked top in the style factor but hey, who said these homes are anything less than cosy? Scroll down to how these…

Tips & tricks to maximise space in small homes

Space is never enough in smaller homes today, and we are constantly looking for solutions that can make small spaces seem bigger. If you are looking to renovate or improve your living spaces, pick the brains of Third Avenue Studio,The Design Practice and Quirky Idees as they share the tips and tricks to maximise space…

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