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How property became the #1 Singaporean dream

Property is Singaporeans’ number one investment. It’s so hot that if the government has to impose another cooling measure, it will probably involve spraying property buyers with a fire hose; and even that may not disperse the crowd at a showflat. But how did property become arguably the #1 the Singaporean dream? As we approach…

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Should I put my money in a property or stock investment?

Putting your money in a property or stock investment depends on your financial situation and goals, as well as your personal preference – there isn’t a clear-cut one size fits all answer. However, there are some key differences to note, before you make your choice: Key differences between property and stock investments 1. Liquidity of…

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4 Dangerous Ideas Singapore Property Investors Have

One problem with property investment is that, unless you’re very rich and a big-time investor, it’s hard to practice. It’s not like small time fiddling with stocks, where you can afford to make several dozen bad trades before you smarten up. So for small time investors with, say, one or two places to let out,…

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