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Basic feng shui guidelines every renter should know

August 27, 2017
feng shui guidelines renter

If you’re in the process of renting an apartment, check out these crucial feng shui tips.


Think that feng shui doesn’t apply to you because you’re simply renting your home, not buying it? Think again!

As a renter who has to abide by a rental agreement, you do have less control over your surroundings. That having been said, it doesn’t mean you should completely disregard the feng shui of your rental unit, and how this can affect you. Read on to learn about the basic feng shui guidelines that all renters should know!

feng shui renter neighbourhood


#1: Look at your neighbourhood and surroundings

Firstly, the main door of your rental property should not face the lift, as this is said to cause fights and disharmony within the occupants of the house. You wouldn’t want to be constantly bickering with your landlord, would you?

Secondly, don’t stay in an apartment which is located nearby hospitals, cemeteries, or places of worship. Practically speaking, it’s convenient to be located nearby healthcare facilities. However, according to feng shui, living nearby hospitals means you’ll constantly be exposed to negative energy.

feng shui renter layout


#2: Look at the layout within the house

One highly important factor to take into consideration: toilets should always be positioned at the perimeter of the apartment, and share an “external wall” of the apartment. The worst case scenario is when the toilet is located right in the centre of the apartment, or next to the entrance. If that’s the case, the occupants of the home are essentially flushing their wealth down the drain.

Even if you exclusively use the toilet that’s attached to your bedroom, and steer clear of this oddly placed toilet, it doesn’t make a difference. According to feng shui, this doesn’t exempt you from being drained of your wealth!

feng shui renter bedroom


#3: Optimise your bedroom according to feng shui

Let’s say the unit you like isn’t ideal in terms of its surroundings, as well as the apartment’s layout. If you still think you’d like to rent this place, for whatever reason, then make sure you optimize the areas of the apartment which you do have control over – such as the bedroom.

Top on your list of to-dos: make sure your bed is positioned properly. There are many restrictions to take into consideration:

Firstly, the foot and side of your bed shouldn’t face the main door, or your toilet door (as this will result in health problems). Secondly, your headboard should not share a wall which has a toilet bowl on the other side, as this will lead to headaches and memory deterioration.

Also, don’t have live plants in your bedroom. These are said to attract too much ‘yang’ energy (read: masculine energy). Given that your bedroom is a place in which you should be relaxing, you need a balance of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’, and too much ‘yang’ will cause you to be over-alert and suffer from insomnia. If you’d still like to have plants in your bedroom for aesthetic and design purposes, though, you can simply purchase artificial plants instead of live ones.

Last but not least, make sure your bedroom features soothing colours.

Because your bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary, you should be utilising neutral colours such as cream, beige, brown, instead of overly bright and bold colours. Again, this links back to the idea of over-stimulation; in favour of promoting a restful environment in which you can get a good night’s sleep, go for something more muted, and skip the eye-catching accent walls.

Pro-tip: if your rental agreement states that you’re not allowed to paint the walls, try asking your landlord for a concession with the understanding that you will repaint them in the original colour before you move out. If your landlord still doesn’t budge, you can always use removable wallpaper or other temporary solutions.  

If you’re renting the entire apartment (or if your landlord is highly flexible on making changes to shared spaces), be sure to check out our guides on increasing positive energy in your living room, and increasing wealth by utilising feng shui techniques in the kitchen. Whilst you’re implementing these changes, always be sure to be upfront and communicate openly with your landlord and your other apartment mates. Good luck!


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