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feng shui misconceptions

5 feng shui property misconceptions that can harm you

It used to be just pesky contractors, but now feng shui “masters” are now soliciting homeowners who have just gotten their keys. Here’s the dangerous bit: if you believe in feng shui and are neither careful nor selective, you run the risk of falling prey to these misconceptions, according to’s feng shui Key Opinion…

Termite damaged wood

How to deal with termites in your home

In this article, we look at what termites are, and how they destroy your home. We’ll also highlight the areas of your home that are the most vulnerable to termite infestations: What are termites? Termites are insects which are detritus feeders. That’s just a fancy term that means that they feed on dead plants and…

Mopping cleaning service to give the place a fresh new look

How to choose a cleaning service in Singapore

As a property agent, you’re probably already familiar with the term “home staging” – this refers to the art of sprucing up a house, so that it’s more appealing to potential buyers. Think of it this way: it only takes 7 seconds for humans to form a first impression, and homes which are cleaner and…

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