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Commercial properties along Keong Saik Road

Should I Take Over a Commercial Property?

Some  say residential and commercial properties are two “different animals”, like cats and dogs. But really, it’s more like the difference between a cat and tyrannosaurus-rex. The two are so different, a residential investor may need to to re-learn the rules from the ground-up. Here’s how to tell if you’re ready to take over a…


7 important rental clauses you never knew existed

If you’re new to renting, it’s normal to be a little intimidated by all the technical language in your Tenancy Agreement (TA). In this article, we explain seven important, yet lesser-known, rental clauses for both landlords and tenants. Note that these clauses may apply not only to residential, but also to commercial and industrial properties….

Beauty World Plaza Golden Mile Complex en bloc

Beauty World Plaza vs. Golden Mile Complex: which is the better en bloc?

Beauty World and Golden Mile are the “lifestyle hubs” of Singapore, according to numerous sarcastic comments concerning their recent en bloc attempts. Ignore those clueless people: not only are these two places iconic, they also have a location that would make any property developer reach for the wallet. But which of the two, Beauty World…

commercial properties singaporeans

5 commercial properties Singaporeans secretly wish they own

Sure, we could go into detail about how commercial properties are a better investment because residential property have higher taxes, lower rental yield et cetera, but that’s not the only reason why plenty of Singaporeans wish they owned commercial properties. Whether it’s a kopitiam or a yoga studio, we’ve all fantasised about owning these at…

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