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Graduation cap on top of books and a Singapore map

8 Things to Know Before Taking on Student Tenants

Students have an undeserved reputation as being “bad tenants”. Blame it on exaggerated horrors stories that tar them all with the same brush. If handled well, students can make great tenants, and are often more easygoing than families: Why would you take on student tenants? For starters, you might be able to optimise the rental…

A person haning a cheque to a property agent

When Is It Worth Paying a Property Agent More?

Pay my property agent more? That’s crazy-talk…at least until you realise your property isn’t moving, and the clock is ticking. The fact is, there have been situations when Singaporeans have paid a higher commission; and it may not be money wasted either: What do you get from paying a property agent a higher commission? It’s…

Woman between two big question marks

Should You Choose an FHR Loan or a SIBOR Loan?

There are two main loan types on the market today: Fixed Deposit Home Rate (FHR) loans, and Singapore Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR) loans. And they sure get technical – when mortgage bankers start explaining it, the average person last 10 minutes before the migraine sets in. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you decide…

Commercial properties along Keong Saik Road

Should I Take Over a Commercial Property?

Some  say residential and commercial properties are two “different animals”, like cats and dogs. But really, it’s more like the difference between a cat and tyrannosaurus-rex. The two are so different, a residential investor may need to to re-learn the rules from the ground-up. Here’s how to tell if you’re ready to take over a…

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