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dos and donts

5 things nobody tells you when buying furniture

When you get your basic renovation done for your new home and it’s time to create your dream home, but you have so many things to consider, here’s the thing: how do you even get started? 1. Don’t Overpay For Your Furniture After spending a ton of money just to own your own home, you…

renovation tips wreck property resale value

5 renovation tips that can destroy your property’s resale value

You probably can picture exactly how your dream home looks like. Some people like plenty of built-in cabinets that allow them to achieve the minimalist aesthetic. Others might favour big, bold looks with lots of colour. But beware: If you overdo it, you just might be hurting your home’s resale value. Even common renovation tips,…

5 super stylish Singaporean celebrity homes you need to see

Do our local celebs live in mansions like those in Hollywood do? Are their condos as luxurious as we dream them to be, something like Taylor Swift’s penthouse? We’ve gathered some photos of the most stylish homes owned by Singaporean celebrities – from Jeanette Aw, Jade Seah, Pierre Png and more – along with tips on…

neighbour disputes singapore

Neighbour Disputes: What Can You Do?

If there’s one rule of city living, it seems like it’s “your neighbour is always wrong”. With 80% of Singapore’s population living in high-rise buildings, disputes are likely to flare up between neighbours. And it’s no surprise that “complaint against neighbours” is highly searched phrase on Google. In Singapore, neighbour disputes frequently hog the headlines (at…

Nature home

You Can Improve Your Health By Bringing Nature Home

Imagine taking a walk in a forest — birds chirping atop lush green trees accompanying the scent of morning dew on grass. We all sense that spending time outdoors in nature is good for us, but there are actual scientific studies that prove nature benefits both our health and happiness, reliving stress, restoring mental energy,…

check out these 7 surprising hygiene facts no one told you about

7 surprising hygiene facts no one told you about!

Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so they say. Well, we take the view that hygiene standards exist on a spectrum. Some of us swear by the five-second rule when it comes to food dropped on the table while others would not touch runaway food with a ten-foot pole. While we all have our own…

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