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9 co-working spaces in Singapore that’ll make you WANT to go to work

March 11, 2018

How amazing does this co-working space look?

Co-working spaces are typically utilized by freelancers or entrepreneurs… but even if you’re a salaried employee, you can still get a day pass to most of these places to catch up with some work. In this article, we feature 9 gorgeous co-working spaces in Singapore which are the ultimate #officegoals. Let us know which one’s your favourite!

#1: The Hive

the hive

The Hive occupies four floors of combined shophouses at New Bridge Road, and their space includes a rooftop garden where they hold events (psst – we hear there’s even free beer on Thursdays). Plus: they’re located within walking distance to Central, Clarke Quay, which is super convenient for when you want to grab some lunch!

Website: http://thehive.sg

#2: Spacemob


This homegrown co-working space and business was recently acquired by US-based WeWork. Apart from feeding its members well (with barista-brewed coffee and locally brewed beer), Spacemob also offers plenty of perks such as software discounts, exclusive rates for hotels, and more.

Website: https://www.spacemob.co

#3: The Working Capitol

the working capitol

If you’re the sort of person who’s a little obsessive about work, and practically lives at their workstation, you’ll be glad to hear that The Working Capitol comes with a well-stocked pantry, and on-site cafe, and even shower facilities.

Website: https://theworkingcapitol.com

#4: Workhouse


Always wanted a cool, industrial-themed workspace to call your own? Check out Workhouse, which is located in between Little India and Farrer Park. The vibe here tends to be more chill and mellow than some of the other co-working spaces within the CBD.

Website: http://www.ourworkhouse.com

#5: Trehaus


Doesn’t the above picture of Trehaus look like it’s straight outta Pinterest? If you’re a parent who needs to get some work done, you’ll love this place – they have a “Kids Atelier” service which will entertain urgent babysitting requests.

Website: http://www.trehauscowork.com

#6: The Co

the co


Whilst The Co has another branch at Duxton Road, its flagship outlet occupies the premises of an eight-storey tall building at High Street. Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, they’ve dedicated three of those eight levels to breakout and recreation spaces.

Website: http://jointhe.co

#7: The Great Room

the great room

If we strike lottery and win enough money to buy a mansion, we’d want our new home to have a library which looks exactly like this. Other than being mind blowingly stylish, The Great Room also offers perks such as yoga sessions and shoulder massage services.

Website: www.thegreatroomoffices.com

#8: Collective Works

collective works

The space at Collective Works is divided into different colour zones, where people with similar working styles can congregate. If you love socializing and you’re a high-energy person, head over to the vibrantly-coloured areas where there’s music playing. Prefer to work in peace and quiet? Claim your space at an area which is decked out in neutral tones.

Website: https://www.collective.works

#9: Collision 8

collision 8


If you’re grumpy at having to work on a weekend, walking into Collision 8 will perk you right back up. This swanky co-working space features chandeliers on its ceilings, aquariums in the bathrooms, and even a posh marble-topped bar complete with fantastic Happy Hour deals. What more could you ask for?

Website: https://www.collision8.com

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