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HDB common spaces bedok maze

5 ingenious uses of HDB common spaces

Yes, we love to complain about how HDB flats are getting more expensive, and many of us are still hung up about the fact that we’re just lessees, and not actual owners of our properties. But all in all, we’d say that HDB has done a pretty good job at mapping out what limited space…

kampung spirit hdb

Keeping the Kampong spirit alive in HDB estates

Just a few decades ago, the majority of Singaporeans lived in kampongs. In the 1960s, the HDB started mass-building flats; fast forward till today, over 80% of our population are living out our lives in these apartment blocks, with only one last kampong – Lorong Buangkok – still surviving in Singapore. (Cover image credits) Our…

GCB at Bukit Panjang for $9 million

Buy a Good Class Bungalow for the Low Price of $9 million

Today, let’s talk about affordable housing. Something that the average Singaporean can aspire to. For those with a modest budget, we draw your attention to this bungalow at Bukit Panjang, with an asking price of just around $9 million: A budget-friendly family home The Good Class Bungalow (GCB) is located at 7 Chestnut Crescent. It’s…

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