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Your BTO breakup will cost you up to $78k

This article first appeared on Seedly and is part of a content syndication agreement between 99.co and Seedly.   Breakups suck, but you know what’s worse? Breaking up when you and your partner have already balloted for a BTO flat. While I’ve shared my experience with regard to the nuances of getting your BTO, as well…

Property along Singapore River with Central Business District Skyline Panorama

Why Foreign Investors Buy Properties in Singapore

In cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong, property is a hot button topic with keen interest from both local and foreign buyers. Traditionally, it is also considered one of the safest forms of investments for people to grow their money. A report by investment bank UBS published in 2018 said that properties in Singapore…

Your home by the park Kent Ridge Hill Residences

Kent Ridge Hill Residences – all the convenience of city living with a hillside address

Save for a few exceptions, Singapore’s terrain is fairly flat and the tallest hill we have in the little red dot is Bukit Timah Hill. The southern region of Singapore is not without its own hilly landscape; the Southern Ridges offers a picturesque gradient which stretches from Mount Faber Park to Labrador Nature Reserve. Kent…


Why is my home loan being rejected

Plenty of Singaporeans are caught off-guard, when their home loan application is rejected. This may surprise you, especially if you’ve gotten a home loan before; since 2014, new rules and regulations have kicked in. Here are the typical reasons to look for: Key highlights – If the last time you bought a house was before…

Why Singaporeans still love buying executive condominiums

Earlier in July this year, Hundred Palms Residences became the most oversubscribed executive condominium in history. Over 2,700 applications were made for 531 units, causing the whole development to be sold out in seven hours.  (Cover image credits) Here’s why executive condominiums keep topping the demand list for Singaporeans: Executive Condominiums are still the best…

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