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Why the private home sales slump is not all doom and gloom

Sales of new private homes fell in August 2018, by around 50.6% year-on-year. This has been largely attributed to the new cooling measures implemented the previous month. And now, the big movers and shakers in the property market are forecasting “a sedate market”, “lost foreign investment” and “high barriers to property ownership”. However, we’ve seen…


Property Conveyancing in Singapore: What You Need to Know

Conveyancing is the transfer of legal ownership of property from one person to another. While buying a property is an exciting — and expensive — decision, home buyers in Singapore must ensure that they devote sufficient attention to what’s no doubt the drier aspects of it: maintenance fees (for condos), property tax, stamp duty and the conveyancing process. Once you have decided…

buying property joint tenancy in commons

Buying a property: Joint tenancy vs. tenancy-in-common

When buying a property with another person, be it a spouse, child or a friend, you must choose how the property is split among the co-owners. There are basically two key ownership (holding) options: joint tenancy and tenancy-in-common. Given that choosing either one is a decision with potentially major ramifications (e.g. how the property is…

Singaporean dream condo

How property became the #1 Singaporean dream

Property is Singaporeans’ number one investment. It’s so hot that if the government has to impose another cooling measure, it will probably involve spraying property buyers with a fire hose; and even that may not disperse the crowd at a showflat. But how did property become arguably the #1 the Singaporean dream? As we approach…

home ownership child name

Considering to have properties in your child’s name? Think twice!

Before you put your HDB flat or condo under your child’s name, there are some important considerations for your home ownership. There are more cases of children kicking their parents out of house and home, for starters. Here’s a list before you make your move. Remember your children’s own home ownership as first-time buyers will…

Pink guide buying renting property singapore

The Pink Guide to Buying and Renting Property in Singapore

You could be a local looking to settle down with a same-sex partner, or an expat who is looking for an gay-friendly place to rent in Singapore. Either way, when it comes to living happily ever after in Singapore, LGBTQs may run into some obstacles as there are no laws here that specifically safeguard their…

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