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5 cheap and accessible condos for rent in the North of Singapore

Living in the North of Singapore has its charms. For renters in particular, the North offers good accessibility to the city via the North-South or the North-East MRT Line. Expat tenants will especially welcome the fact that there’s a long list of international schools and reputable pre-schools in the North. With all these amenities and…

URA guidelines change for new condos: All you need to know

On 17 October 2018, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) — Singapore’s urban planning authority — announced several new guidelines for condominium developments that would take effect early next year*. Among other things, the rules included reducing the maximum number of units allowed in new condominiums outside the Core Central Region (CCR) of Singapore. The reasons…

URA guidelines GFA Pasir Panjang

4 new launch condo projects to watch in Q4 2018

With the July cooling measures, private condo developers are sweating to gain a competitive advantage for their new launches in Q4 2018. Meanwhile, prospective property buyers, including investors, remain keen but are less likely to rush in. To help interested buyers consider their options, we’ve researched all four upcoming condominium new launches in the final quarter…

property myths Singaporeans believe

5 property myths Singaporeans wholeheartedly believe in

Property myths are more dangerous than simply being misinformed. It’s easy to correct misinformation (i.e. being told the wrong thing), but myths are self-confirming beliefs and mindsets that are hard to change. For example, when you find out that “walking distance” to the MRT actually pushes the limits of what your legs are capable of,…

declutter your home

Home decluttering tips for the always-no-time Singaporean

Do you live in a clutter-free environment, where everything has its specific place? Or maybe you subscribe to the KonMari Method™? If you did either of these, you probably wouldn’t be reading these home decluttering tips that could be perfect for busy, time-starved Singaporeans (and actually save you money): Home decluttering tip #1: Zoom in…

Singapore condo wildlife wild boar

Your Singapore HDB/Condo Wildlife Survival Guide

As Singapore claims more and more natural vegetation for housing and urban development, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of wildlife having nowhere to go besides our pristinely-manicured HDB estates and condos. Official figures show that wildlife sightings have been on the rise recently; just in the first seven months of 2018, the Singapore Agri-Veterinary…

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