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Can Buy Anot? My Bachelorette Pad Under $1 Million

Every few weeks, we address someone who asks us “Can Buy Anot” with regard to a given property. And then we weigh in with a lot of head-scratching, pondering, and hassling property veterans for their views. Today, we’re talking to Rose Yip, who’s checking out Alexis in Queenstown: Rose: While I do pride myself with…

16-year olds explain singapore housing

We got 16-Year-Olds to Explain Singapore Housing

To get a sense of how well young Singaporeans understand housing, we had our 16-year old interns explain it in an article. Then we made Ryan (the editor) correct everything. Here’s how well our young Singaporeans “get” housing: (The following was jointly written by 16-year old interns) So I’ve been tasked to come up with…

GuocoLand to preview the freehold Meyer Mansion on Sept 7

Singapore-listed property developer GuocoLand will preview Meyer Mansion on Sept 7. Located on Meyer Road, the freehold project will be GuocoLand’s first addition in two years. The launch is slated to be on Sept 13. The project is a redevelopment of the former Casa Meyfort. Guocoland had acquired the 76-unit condo for $319.88 million (or…

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