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Property jargon of the day: Defects-free Period

Property Jargon of the Day: Defects-Liability Period

Every day, 99.co takes a piece of property jargon and demystifies it. Today, we’re looking at the defects-liabilities period: What is the Defects-Free Period? A Defects-Liability Period (also called a Defects-Free Period) is a standard offering for every new property development, be it an HDB flat or a condo. During this period, the developer is…


Woodleigh Residences Sees High Interest During Launch

Developer Kaijima Development and Singapore Press Holdings sold 70 units at The Woodleigh Residences during the launch last weekend. Here’s what you need to know: Woodleigh Residences enjoys good sales, with 70 units sold during its launch Woodleigh Residences, which launched over the weekend, has already sold 70 of its units as of 12th May,…

cheap ccr condos

The 5 Cheapest CCR Condos You Can Rent

Singapore’s Core Central Region (CCR) is made up of Districts 1, 2, 6, 9, 10, 11, and Sentosa; traditionally speaking, properties in these districts are priced at a premium (as compared to properties in the Rest of Central Region or Outside Central Region). That said, it’s still possible to find affordable apartments to rent in…

small house and big house on a hand

5 Reasons Shoebox Units are Gaining Popularity Again

Shoebox units (aka the Property Investor Starter Kit) are much maligned by old-school investors. Too small for families, too cost per square foot, too hard to offload. But if so, why is everyone so interested in these small houses again? Reason#1: Over the long term, shoebox units have performed better than the overall condo market…

condos people who don't drive

5 Ideal Condos For People Who Don’t Drive

In the past, buying a car was pretty much a no-brainer. As long as you could afford it, you’d definitely get your own transport. But with ride-sharing becoming increasingly common, many Singaporeans are now choosing to completely forgo buying a car. Instead, these folks rely on a combination of public transport and Grab/GoJek to get…

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