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calculate rental yield property guide

Calculate rental yield in Singapore: a quick and simple guide

Rental yield is often cited as the reason why investors are attracted to property. At viewings and previews, however, what the first-timer usually gets told is the gross rental yield they’d get, which doesn’t factor in all the additional payments buying and renting out a property entails. What really matters to buyers is net rental yield,…

buona vista condo gls sites ura new launch

URA unveils red-hot condo sites at Buona Vista for 2021

Like a scratch-and-win card, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) throws up some blockbluster surprises every six months when it announces new condo sites as part of its Government Land Sales (GLS) programme. For the first half of 2021, a pair of new sites that URA announced at Buona Vista is a potential property goldmine. Here’s…

geylang condo developer noma refuse to sell up pixar

Owners of Geylang terraces refuse to sell to condo developer, becomes ‘Up’ in real life

If you’ve seen the movie ‘Up’, you might recall the scene where Carl’s old house gets surrounded by new high-rise buildings. Or you might have seen “nail houses” in China belonging to owners who stubbornly resist development and the demolition of their homes. Well, Singapore now has its own version of a holdout, after two…

ura h2 2020 gls condo sales ang mo kio aerial fb

3 more condo sites are released by the government for 2020, and here’s our analysis.

For the second half of 2020, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has announced the release of three Confirmed List sites under the Government Land Sales (GLS) programme. On 26 November, the remaining two sites at Ang Mo Kio and Tengah were released for tender. The Confirmed List sites consist of three residential sites yielding about…

For singles, these are the most popular condos in SG [2020 edition]

The Covid-19 pandemic happens to be the perfect reason to splurge on some personal space: a studio or one-bedroom condominium unit. Throughout 2020, not only has rental volume for one-bedroom apartments remained robust in suburban Outside Central Region (OCR) neighbourhoods, sales of completed one-bedder condo units have also largely kept pace with previous year’s figures…

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