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What Went Wrong at People’s Park Complex?

People’s Park Complex (PPC) gained some notoriety this long weekend, after implementing security measures that would impress an SAF camp commander. Here’s what went wrong (other management committees, please take note): The situation at PPC Last year, a landlady at PPC was busted for letting out rooms to prostitutes. This seems to have been the…

Top 5 Condos Near Supermarkets

Whenever we buy a house, convenience seems to be a consideration. It’s unlikely that you would buy a house just for the estate alone and not think about what amenities you have around it. Unless you’re rich enough to buy a property just because you like it. But for majority of us out there, convenience…

People moving in with boxes

What Should You Do Right After Your Condo’s TOP?

You can finally move into your condo; but what are your immediate steps now that you can? Here are some tips on what to look for right after moving-in day: Special thanks to MetroResidences for the moving-in tips: 1. Defects Inspection Check the duration of your Defects Liability Period (DLP) – it’s usually at least…

A signboard showing "Orchard Road".

Is Buying Orchard Towers Property a Good Idea?

Orchard Towers is neck-and-neck with Geylang, for showcasing the underside of Singapore. But some would say it’s a much more atas version of Geylang. But does all of this overshadow the fact that Orchard Towers is prime, central location property? How much does a unit at Orchard Towers actually cost? As of 2018, residential units…

The 5 Most Overrated Condo Facilities

There are a variety of facilities that can be built in a condo. These facilities are planned and built according to trends. Hence, since squash is a popular sport many years ago, many older condos have built-in squash courts. In contrast, since going green is an “in thing”, many condos are actually building sky terraces…

Property Jargon of the Day: Smart Home

Every day, 99.co demystifies a piece of property jargon. Today, we’re looking at the hoo-ha about smart homes: What is a Smart Home? Smart Homes use Internet of Things (IoT) to create connectivity in home devices. Wouldn’t you love if you could switch on the air conditioning before reaching home or switch off lights even…

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