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Big vs. small copndo developments: who win?

Big Condo Developments Vs. Small Condo Developments

On the one hand, you have condo developments like over 1,000 units. On the other, you have Van Holland with under 100 units. Which is better? Here are some general considerations: Caveat: What you read here is a generalisation. There are plenty of other factors besides the size and number of units, that you should…

Picking a new launch condo

This is How to Pick the Best Units at a New Condo Launch

The problem with new launch condos is that all their awesome features exist in theory. Sure, “waterfront facing” may seem great in the brochure; but buy a unit with the wrong facing, and two-thirds of your “waterfront view” may be the back of the neighbouring block. Stuart Chng from Navis Living Group gives us the…

Home rents and prices near international schools

Home Rental Rates and Prices Near Singapore’s Top 5 International Schools

Welcome to Singapore. You may notice there are some discrepancies between what you’ve heard, and this actual country (e.g. no riot police beating up bubblegum chewers, and the dominant presence of Boring Rich Asians). To avoid further confusion, we’re here to provide clarity on an important topic: how much it costs to stay near the…

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