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GuocoLand to preview the freehold Meyer Mansion on Sept 7

Singapore-listed property developer GuocoLand will preview Meyer Mansion on Sept 7. Located on Meyer Road, the freehold project will be GuocoLand’s first addition in two years. The launch is slated to be on Sept 13. The project is a redevelopment of the former Casa Meyfort. Guocoland had acquired the 76-unit condo for $319.88 million (or…

Viewing property? Here’s 5 things you MUST check (or live to regret)

[Updated – 09/04/2019] So, you’ve shortlisted a few apartments. That’s great! We’re sure you’ll start your home viewings soon. To make that process more worthwhile, here are five things you should check when you’re viewing a property: 1. Community There’s more to viewing property than just walking into a room and feelings its vibe. And…

The unique design of Pearl Bank apartments makes it stand out

The five biggest en-blocs of 2018

Even though the en-bloc fever had mostly died out by 2018, there were still some notable en-bloc sales. This gives owners of old condos some hope, that developers are still interested despite rising Development Charges and taxes. More importantly, it gives future buyers some clue on which areas to keep an eye on; if a…

New launch condo Singapore

8 step guide to buying a new launch condo in Singapore

Condominiums, like most shiny, pretty things, come with a hefty price tag as well. That’s why a new launch condo might be the most cost-effective option to owning your own unit. They come with a whole host of discounts from the developers, like vouchers, early bird discounts, and even stamp duty reimbursements. The downside, of course,…

Low floor expats

How to resolve a dispute with your condo management/MCST

Recently, a pair of twin sisters were sentenced to a fine for causing hurt to a condo manager and a security guard during an argument over an access card. While not every condo resident resorts to violence over disputes, a disagreement with condo management, also known as the Management Corporation Strata Title (MSCT), can escalate…

HDB government punggol

HDB: From slums to high-rise affordable Public Housing

One of the world’s worst slums” “(A) disgrace to a civilised community”  These are just some phrases used to describe Singapore back in 1940. Looking around at the sleek, cosmopolitan city filled with public housing that Singapore is today, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking they needed their prescriptions checked. But the fact is that…

things to consider a property investor

Property types in Singapore for Dummies (Infographics)

The jigsaw puzzle that is the Singaporean real estate market can be divided up, labeled, categorized, and sliced into various forms and types of housing types – or, dwellings. To make sense of it all we have created a kind of comprehensive – overview of most types of housing that can be found in Singapore….

new condo singapore

Condos launched in 2018 & 2019 to cost 7-13% more

(Credits) With prices and sales of private residential properties rising across all market segments, the private property scene in Singapore is definitely heating up. According to industry specialists, this momentum is likely to continue till 2019. In fact, it’s been predicted that condos launched in 2018 and 2019 will cost anywhere from 7% – 13%…

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