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HDB Grants for Singles

Quick Guide to BTO and Resale HDB Grants for Singles

Forget the big 30 or 40, 35 is the age that many Singaporean singles look forward to. Reach this age, and they become eligible to buy a HDB flat, be it resale or a build-to-order (BTO) flat*. And like couple applicants, singles can also benefit from housing grants. In this article, we outline all the…

HDB Grants for Couples

Quick Guide to BTO, SBF and Resale HDB Grants for Couples

For most couples, getting married means buying a HDB flat. Without HDB grants for couples, this can be a financial challenge — especially if you’re planning a 3-day photoshoot in the Maldives, a banquet at The Capella and a honeymoon in Iceland. Thankfully, when you buy a resale flat or a flat directly from HDB…

things ahead may 2018 BTO launch

4 things to do ahead of the May 2018 BTO launch

(For an in-depth analysis of the HDB May 2018 BTO projects, read HDB May 2018 BTO: What You Must Know Before You Apply) So you and your partner are taking your relationship to the next level, and are looking to apply for a flat in May 2018’s BTO launch. Purchasing property is a huge deal,…

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