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high park residences sengkang condo

‘Buy low, sell high’: Is this Sengkang condo the most profitable in SG history?

When most people think of condos and potential for capital appreciation, what comes to mind are often big-money, centrally-located properties. But this assumption is consistently being proven wrong by condos in less fancied locations. In fact, one of the best examples of ‘buy low, sell high’ is the newly completed High Park Residences at Sengkang….


This is Covid-19’s impact on Chinese buyers in the SG property market

Fears of an imminent recession aside, has the coronavirus outbreak already affected the Singapore property market? Diving into transaction data, we certainly found evidence to suggest that the outbreak (and the lockdowns) dampened buying activity among Chinese buyers in the first two months of 2020. The background on Covid-19 As early as December 2019, China…

99co GE2015 Special GRC constituencies mapped

Do Opposition GRC Properties Appreciate Less?

We’ve all heard the grumblings—opposition GRC Properties do not get developed as much, they’re upgraded less, they get fewer amenities, and the list goes on. If the grumblings were true—or even thought to be true—it may appear as if opposition constituencies (GRCs or SMCs) are less attractive as a residential area of choice, and thus may…

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