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Why are Executive Condos located so far away?

It’s not exactly a secret that Executive Condos are off-the-beaten path. Out of 69 ECs launched and built so far, only one (Bishan Loft) is located within 10km of the CBD. Don’t believe us? Look at our map below showing where every Executive Condominium is located in Singapore. Blue markers are completed ECs, whereas purple…

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Property types in Singapore for Dummies (Infographics)

The jigsaw puzzle that is the Singaporean real estate market can be divided up, labeled, categorized, and sliced into various forms and types of housing types – or, dwellings. To make sense of it all we have created a kind of comprehensive – overview of most types of housing that can be found in Singapore….


The OLA EC is the Final Word in Healthy Living

Frankly, an Executive Condominium (EC) doesn’t need to differentiate itself in any way other than being an EC. It’s (eventually) private housing that you can buy with grants, and there’s no ABSD if you’re upgrading from a flat. But still, some ECs like The OLA go out of their way to differentiate themselves. In this…

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