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en-bloc sale

Braddell View En-bloc Fails with No Bids

Braddell View has failed in its en-bloc attempt, with zero bids in its public tender. Here’s all you need to know about it: Braddell View fails en-bloc Singapore’s largest private residential estate, Braddell View, launched at a reserve price of $2.08 billion. However, its tender closed with no bids despite its prime location. Colliers has…

en-bloc sale

Property Jargon of the Day: En-Bloc Sale

Every day, 99.co picks a piece of property jargon to explain it. Today we look at the term “en-bloc sale” – or as Singaporeans call it, “strike 4D”: What is an en-bloc sale? In strict technical terms, any sale of two or more property units to a single buyer is an en-bloc sale. In practice,…

The unique design of Pearl Bank apartments makes it stand out

The five biggest en-blocs of 2018

Even though the en-bloc fever had mostly died out by 2018, there were still some notable en-bloc sales. This gives owners of old condos some hope, that developers are still interested despite rising Development Charges and taxes. More importantly, it gives future buyers some clue on which areas to keep an eye on; if a…

Meyer Road freehold condo Nanak Mansions

Amber vs. Meyer: a D15 Freehold Condo Showdown

For more affluent property buyers who are looking to buy a freehold condo in the East, they typically come to decide between two mid-to-upscale residential areas of District 15: Amber Road and Meyer Road. Location-wise, these two prime city fringe neighbourhoods are just right next to each other, but visit both of them and you’ll…

Beauty World Plaza Golden Mile Complex en bloc

Beauty World Plaza vs. Golden Mile Complex: which is the better en bloc?

Beauty World and Golden Mile are the “lifestyle hubs” of Singapore, according to numerous sarcastic comments concerning their recent en bloc attempts. Ignore those clueless people: not only are these two places iconic, they also have a location that would make any property developer reach for the wallet. But which of the two, Beauty World…

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