Punggol BTO Aerial photos

EXCLUSIVE: Aug 2018 Punggol BTO – Site Aerial Photos

The recently launched HDB BTO projects in Punggol North have been oversubscribed within the first day of launch. With sky-high demand for these flats, we took to the skies with our drone to give you a better impression of the Punggol BTO sites and their surroundings. Check them out. First, the map of the Aug…

HDB Aug 2018 BTO: What You Must Know Before You Apply

As far as HDB flats are concerned, they are being talked about for all the wrong reasons. But never mind, the August 2018 Build-to-order (BTO) sales exercise is open for applications, and all thoughts are on Yishun and Punggol — the two estates with new HDB flats up for sale this time round. In this article,…

HDB Grants for Singles

Quick Guide to BTO and Resale HDB Grants for Singles

Forget the big 30 or 40, 35 is the age that many Singaporean singles look forward to. Reach this age, and they become eligible to buy a HDB flat, be it resale or a build-to-order (BTO) flat*. And like couple applicants, singles can also benefit from housing grants. In this article, we outline all the…

Defects Inspection BTO Condo Home

Defects inspection for your new BTO/condo home: What owners must know

Recently, a HDB BTO project was in the news for all the wrong reasons. Construction workers had assembled the wrong precast concrete unit onto a block (linked article in Chinese), resulting in a window configuration that stood out like a sore thumb. The main contractor for the project at Tampines Greenverge didn’t know anything about it…

Low SES property

Low SES no more: 4 ways to break the cycle with property

Lately, our ministers have a new pet topic: social stratification. Many of them have publicly stated the need to address Singapore’s growing divide between citizens of lower socioeconomic status (low SES) and folks who seem to do staycations at MBS every month (high SES). Acknowledging this, Future PM Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Seng has reiterated…

HDB Grants for Couples

Quick Guide to BTO, SBF and Resale HDB Grants for Couples

For most couples, getting married means buying a HDB flat. Without HDB grants for couples, this can be a financial challenge — especially if you’re planning a 3-day photoshoot in the Maldives, a banquet at The Capella and a honeymoon in Iceland. Thankfully, when you buy a resale flat or a flat directly from HDB…

Upcoming May 2018 BTO projects

HDB May 2018 BTO: What You Must Know Before You Apply

There’s usually a project or two in every HDB BTO launch that gets everyone excited. In May 2017, the Dakota flats were on everyone’s lips for how strategically located they were. Then, in February, applicants took fancy at the Teck Whye BTO flats, classified as a non-mature project (which makes it cheaper) but very accessible to…

HDB BTO Application

HDB BTO Application: the terms you need to know

BTO-ing is more than just paying a $10 fee for your desired project and hoping for the best. If it’s your first foray into the property market, your HDB BTO application would be the start of a learning curve. There’s a lot of technical jargon to wrap your head around, considering the mind-boggling array of terms…

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