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HDB Flats In Singapore

What Will Really Happen To The HDB Resale Market Now?

There’s been a considerable bit of hoohah over how the recent changes in income ceiling for HDB BTO flats and housing grant could potentially impact the resale market.  Industry observers believe that the move could have a positive impact on the HDB resale market.  Why? This comes with the increased accessibility and potentially higher demand…

Geylang Pasir Ris

HDB resale market: 4 key predictions for 2019

The idea of a HDB resale flat has taken on a lot of emotional baggage lately; blame it on public and media conversations about 99-year leases. And while there’ve been a healthy volume of resale flat sale transactions in the last quarter, transaction prices in the HDB resale market have remained stagnant. But at the…

AHTC HDB resale flats

3 sensational HDB resale flats in AHTC that are anything but ‘improper’

As the court case against the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) enters the exciting hearing phase, we feel it’d also be appropriate to stage a trial! Not against the Worker’s Party, mind you. What we’ve put in the stands are three HDB resale flats in AHTC’s wards — comprising Bedok North, Serangoon and Hougang* — that…

best-time-buy HDB resale flats

Why now is the best time to buy a HDB resale flat

There are new cooling measures, property prices are falling, 99-year leases will run out, and everyone needs to calm down. These days, every piece of property news reads like someone having an anxiety attack. Pretty soon showflats will replace the complimentary coffee with paper bags for the sales staff to breathe into. No one seems…

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