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hdb home loan rate cpf interest

Is it wrong to peg HDB Home Loan Rate to CPF Interest Rate?

If there’s one thing Singaporeans don’t complain enough about paying more money for, it’s the interest for their CPF-pegged HDB mortgage. Most first-time homeowners, especially BTO applicants, choose to take the HDB Concessionary Loan over bank loans, despite the fact that the HDB home loan rate has now been higher than the average bank home…

buying property as if you're single-income

Why You Should Pretend You’re a Single Income Household When Buying Property

Dual-income families in Singapore should pretend they’re not, when it comes to buying a flat or condo. You want to insurance against situations like retrenchment, illness, business failure, etc.? This is the insurance, next to having the actual policies. Here’s why: When you assume your dual-income situation will carry on, you’re taking a huge risk…

How the US-China Trade War Impacts Your Home Loan

When it comes to big picture issues like the US-China trade war, it can be hard to visualise the every day impact on your wallet. Instead of going on about investment prospects, here’s what the home owner should know – it affects their home loan. First, we need to understand how home loan interest rates…

7 Things To Note Before Taking A Bank Loan

When it comes to taking a bank loan, what are the first few questions that pop up in your head? For most new buyers, you probably don’t know what to ask. With experts from Dollarback Mortgage, we’re here to highlight what you need to note: 1. Look for the cheapest home loan What is there…

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