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open electricity market OEM plan

Open Electricity Market: Which OEM Plan Should Homeowners Take?

Now that the Open Electricity Market (OEM) is officially being rolled-out across the country, Singaporeans are no longer restricted to purchasing their power from SP Group. What’s the rationale behind the OEM? How do you switch to another electricity provider? What type of plans are available? In this article, we cover all that so you…

Renovation tips from homeowners

23 renovation tips from seasoned homeowners

As a newbie homeowner, you’re in a stressful situation. You’ve finally plonked down a large sum of money for your first property (and probably wiped out the money in your CPF account whilst you’re at it). Now it’s time to renovate your place, and the number of decisions that you’ll be faced with is countless….

dyson testimonial gift

The ideal housewarming gift for new homeowners

Varsity sweethearts Landis and Elise recently moved into a one bedroom apartment of their own at Singapore’s city fringe. Having lived in their cosy one bedder for two months, Landis and Elise enjoy the freedom of having guests over on weekends for a leisurely meal over a few drinks. “We didn’t have one big housewarming…

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