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open electricity market OEM plan

Open Electricity Market: Which OEM Plan Should Homeowners Take?

Now that the Open Electricity Market (OEM) is officially being rolled-out across the country, Singaporeans are no longer restricted to purchasing their power from SP Group. What’s the rationale behind the OEM? How do you switch to another electricity provider? What type of plans are available? In this article, we cover all that so you…

savings aircon prices costs Singapore

5 secrets to saving money on aircon prices and costs in Singapore

With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, having air conditioning at home isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Given how frequent homeowners need to switch their air-conditioning on, choosing and buying the right aircon unit in Singapore can give you significant money savings on your monthly utilities bills. (Even though the cost of buying and installing air-conditioning…

declutter your home

Home decluttering tips for the always-no-time Singaporean

Do you live in a clutter-free environment, where everything has its specific place? Or maybe you subscribe to the KonMari Method™? If you did either of these, you probably wouldn’t be reading these home decluttering tips that could be perfect for busy, time-starved Singaporeans (and actually save you money): Home decluttering tip #1: Zoom in…

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