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A group of girls lying on a jumbo bed.

Here’s What S’porean Women Want in a Bachelorette Pad

Ladies, we all need our own space; and if you’re getting your first home (or even just renting it), you want something that suites you. Here’s what you need to consider: Must-haves for your Bachelorette Pad Variety in Lighting Large Beds Walk-in Closet Vanity Station Big Mirrors Work-out Spot Well-equipped Kitchen 1. Variety in Lighting…

7 Types of Flooring Commonly Used in Homes

What type of flooring is good for your home? Here are the common choices, with the usual pros and cons: When designing a home, choosing the right flooring is important, as it will bring the whole theme of the room together. An inappropriate type of flooring can spoil the aesthetics of the room, and even…

Nature home

You Can Improve Your Health By Bringing Nature Home

Imagine taking a walk in a forest — birds chirping atop lush green trees accompanying the scent of morning dew on grass. We all sense that spending time outdoors in nature is good for us, but there are actual scientific studies that prove nature benefits both our health and happiness, reliving stress, restoring mental energy,…

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