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What does It Take to Grow Mangoes, Papayas, and Other Fruits on Your Landed Property

With various initiations of going green and eco-friendly, many Singaporeans have stepped up their game with planting their own fruits and vegetables in their gardens. It’s very convenient for those who own landed properties as their gardens will be right in front of their houses. In contrast, residents who do not stay in landed properties…

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What Expats Aren’t Told About Renting Condos versus Landed Properties

Expatriate families often end up choosing between condos or landed properties. There are subtle differences between the two, that can make a big impact on your overall comfort. Here’s what many people don’t tell you: 1. Condos can provide more lifestyle spaces, even if the units are smaller Expats often assume that landed properties mean having more…

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Housing Types in Singapore – a General Guide

Dwellings here, Dwellings there, Dwellings everywhere The jigsaw puzzle that is the Singaporean real estate market can be divided up, labeled, categorized, and sliced into various forms and types of housing types – or, dwellings. To make sense of it all we have created an excruciatingly comprehensive – yes, that kind of comprehensive – overview of…

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