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Happy student in her rented apartment

7 Small Things Landlords can do to Retain Student Tenants

We all know that being a student is no easy feat.  They have deadlines to meet, presentations to give and social life to keep. Thankfully, there are some things landlords can do to help retain student tenants, and make their life easier! 1. Working printer Every student appreciates a working printer. There’s no need for…

Rent-saving tips for tenants

5 smart rent-saving tips for tenants in Singapore

Even if rent prices in Singapore have come under pressure lately, the amount a tenant spensd per month can still be rather substantial. For instance, a 3-room (two-bedroom) HDB flat in the centrally located Toa Payoh town averages $1,800, to about $2,500 for a 2-bedroom condo unit at the same district. So if you are looking…

landlord problem tenant

5 problems landlords may not see coming

  Congratulations on becoming a new landlord! After the initial euphoria, you may find the journey akin to a badly designed roller-coaster ride, or having to sit through the Tom Cruise Mummy reboot – long periods of nothing very much happening, punctuated by bouts of confusion and urgency. To get you started, here are a…

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