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paris ris bungalow facade

With 57 years of lease left, brand-new Pasir Ris bungalows find a willing buyer

Where landed properties are concerned, the common impression of them is usually ‘oh, they’re freehold properties’, which means buyers get to own the land indefinitely. After all, these homes usually come with multi-million-dollar price tags, and nobody would pay that amount for, um, a leasehold bungalow, right? Here’s where real estate time and again proves…

Property jargon: Freehold / leasehold

Property Jargon of the Day: Freehold / Leasehold

Every day, 99.co picks a piece of property jargon to explain it. Today we look at freehold and leasehold. Here’s what it’s all about: Freehold and leasehold properties In Singapore, properties can be freehold (you can hold on to them indefinitely), or on a 99-year lease (what we usually mean by leasehold). There’s also another…

Freehold versus Leasehold condo

Freehold versus Leasehold: a 10 Year Update

The debate about leasehold versus freehold will never die! But for the most part, the majority are on the side of freehold units. We see the appeal, but consider the following before you buy: Over the past 10 years, leasehold condos have appreciated faster overall Across Singapore in general, leasehold condos have appreciated by an…

Old HDB flat

The flat is old – but gold to me

I will be moving back into my mother’s flat soon. It is a five-room HDB flat, where I had spent most of my growing-up years. It is also more than 40 years old, one of among 7 per cent of all flats here. When I brought renovation contractors to the house, they wondered at the…

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