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hdb home loan rate cpf interest

Why on earth is the HDB Home Loan Rate pegged to CPF Interest Rate? Here’s the answer.

If there’s one thing Singaporeans don’t complain enough about paying more money for, it’s the interest for their CPF-pegged HDB mortgage. Most first-time homeowners, especially BTO applicants, choose to take the HDB Concessionary Loan over bank loans, despite the fact that the HDB home loan rate has now been higher than the average bank home…

total debt servicing ratio tdsr buying property

7 facts about the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) property buyers need to know

Implemented back in June 2013 by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) is a framework that safeguards borrowers against over-borrowing for their property purchase(s). In essence, the TDSR limits the amount individuals can spend on monthly mortgage debt repayments, based on a percentage of their gross monthly income. All…

Property jargon: Cash-out refinancing

5 Common Misconceptions about FHR Home Loans

Fixed-Deposit Home Rate (FHR) loans have overtaken the traditional SIBOR loan. Some of this though, is due to aggressive promotion by brokers and banks. This has resulted in some common misconceptions we’d better address: 1. FHR loans are still affected by rising interest rates, and are not substitutes for fixed rate loans. Some borrowers are…

defer home loan math pros cons

Should I defer my home loan? Here’s the math

Thanks to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), all banks and finance companies will now allow homeowners to defer their home loan up till 31st December 2020 to help Singaporeans tide through the Covid-19 crisis and recession.┬áThat means you don’t need to pay for the whole deferment period right? Uh, not quite; you still pay…

what is mortgage insurance why important need mrta

What is mortgage insurance and do I really need it?

Now’s the time for many homeowners to cut household expenditure because of the recession, but there’s one expense you shouldn’t scrimp on: mortgage insurance. And especially so with the health threat of Covid-19. But what is mortgage insurance and why is it important? And why should you get one when you already have a life…

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Why You Should Pretend You’re a Single Income Household When Buying Property

Dual-income families in Singapore should pretend they’re not, when it comes to buying a flat or condo. You want to insurance against situations like retrenchment, illness, business failure, etc.? This is the insurance, next to having the actual policies. Here’s why: When you assume your dual-income situation will carry on, you’re taking a huge risk…

What to Do About Your Mortgage if You Get Retrenched

The retrenchment rate has risen in Q1 this year, mainly in the manufacturing sector. But as Singapore braces for possible recession in 2020, the situation could get worse. Here’s what to do about your mortgage if you get retrenched: If the worst hasn’t happened yet, remember the six-month rule As we’ve pointed out time and…

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