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traits quality property agent

3 unmistakeable traits of a quality property agent

It’s a pretty scary time for millennials to be buying their first home. It’s the biggest purchase they’ll ever make, and will affect everything from financial health to mental well-being. If it’s your first time buying, and you’re not lucky enough to score a BTO flat, you’d want someone experienced to help you through the…

simple ways reliable property agent

7 simple ways to spot a reliable property agent

You know why picking a reliable property agent is hard? It’s because most of us only buy a house once or twice in our lives. Fortunately, there’s a method to spot a property agent you can trust and rely on: First, the common-sense basics: Always ensure your agent is licensed by the Council for Estate…

Property agent commission in Singapore: How much should I pay?

A good property agent more than deserves his/her commission, but many buyers and sellers are often unsure about how much to pay. So do landlords and tenants. Truth is, there are many factors that determine property agent commission in Singapore; even seasoned sellers, buyers and renters can become confused about industry standards. So, here’s our…

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