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property agents phrases

7 Favourite Phrases Property Agents Love To Use

Property agents in Singapore have changed a lot of over the years. No longer do many wear “the uniform” (i.e. Polo T and a lanyard); and with CEA in charge, the days of quietly collecting commissions from mortgage bankers, interior designers, etc. are long past. But we notice they’ve developed a series of polite statements…

car club offers a one-week trial to property agents to try its car-sharing membership

Life in the fast lane: 3 property agents take a spin courtesy of Car Club

It’s common to assume that property agents must own cars, as a good part of their job involves traveling around Singapore. Contrary to popular opinion, not all property agents are car-owners. There are a myriad of reasons why some property agents choose not to have their own rides. Still, it’s undeniable that having convenient access…

Buying Property Without Agent Singapore

9 Survival Tips when Buying Property Without an Agent

With numerous viewings, mountains of paperwork and massive financial obligations — you can’t really buy a property without breaking a sweat. A good way to complicate things even further is buying property without engaging a property agent (ie. buyer’s agent). But if this is your decision, there’s always 99.co — Singapore’s largest property portal —…

ERA Property Agents Conference

Why property agents should embrace technology and use it to their advantage

  “We’re entering the fourth industrial revolution,” said Guest-Of-Honour and Speaker of Parliament Mr Tan Chuan-Jin at the 2018 ERA Asia Pacific Business Conference. Elaborating on the Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (ITM), Mr Tan touched on the role of technology and what the government foresees as beneficial to the industry. Addressing ERA property agents…

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