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singapore property market back on track

Is the Singapore property market back on track?

Sales of new condos spike for a month during the circuit breaker, and everyone loses their minds. Well, calm down for a second. While it’s good news that new launch condo sales in May 2020 were good, it’s a bit dramatic to be yelling about how the property market is back on track. Let’s anlayse…

real estate scam property covid 19

5 real estate scams that could run rampant during Covid-19

We’re supposed to stick together to pull through Covid-19. But as always, there’s someone out there waiting to destroy your trust in humanity. The fact is, our inability to go out during the circuit breaker period, coupled with desperation, is fertile breeding ground for scammers. Real estate, unfortunately, isn’t spared by scammers, so watch out…

pent up property demand myth

Is pent-up demand for property a myth?

It’s pretty common to look at downturns, such as the current circuit breaker, as a catalyst for pent-up property demand. The concept of pent-up demand is like an unopened can of Coke that’s been shaken: demand builds up like gas trapped in the can, and then explodes the moment there’s an opening. Same thing with…

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