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A typical study room.

Myths That Make Your Study Room Worse

Are you the type who needs to lock away all electronic devices before studying? Or are you the type who needs to blast loud music to boost your concentration? Different conditions work for different folk; but some things affect them all the same: Wrong Lighting Keep the Bed Far Away to Improve Focus Electronic Devices…

Empire Allianze Group's Top Achievers in ERA for 2018

99.co Property Agent Success Stories: Mark Kong equips an expanding Empire with tools for success

Over the years Mark Kong has forged strong alliances with industry leaders, allowing him to create an empire in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As a true blue ERA veteran of 20 years, Mark has lead ERA’s Empire Allianze Group to success and has ambitious plans to expand his kingdom further, all whilst maintaining a collaborative…

Transaction between a male and female.

The Great Geylang Turnaround

A while back, we mentioned that Geylang might be an underrated property hot spot. Now, we take a look at how the properties there have fared over the past 10 years: How has  Geylang changed? If you haven’t been to Geylang for a while, here are some of the bigger changes we’ve spotted: The Red…

How to Stage Your Property on Instagram

Ever wondered how Instagram influencers capture such dope pictures? The same techniques can be used to advertise a house, whether you’re looking for a tenant or a buyer. Here’s how to pull it off: What do you need to stage a property on Instagram? Granted, no one buys or rents just because of an Instagram…

Matthias Chia with Team Genesis awarded Edmund Tie & Company's Top Team of 2017 (featured photo)

99.co Property Agent Success Stories: Matthias Chia finds time for the right things in life

In an industry marred by half-truths and disinformation, OrangeTee & Tie’s Team Genesis presents an opportunity for agents to redeem the trust of clients. Founded by Matthias Chia (Senior Associate District Director), Team Genesis has excelled, without resorting to any malicious tactics, and was Edmund Tie & Company’s Top Team in 2016 and 2017. Even…

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