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greater southern waterfront master plan election

Is the Greater Southern Waterfront just election-speak?

As Singapore gears up for the post-Covid recovery (and also the General Election), Minister of Trade and Industry Chan Chun Seng has reassured Singaporeans that long-term plans such as Punggol Digital District and Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW) “remain sound” in spite of the global recession. “We will pace the timelines for these projects according to…

pent up property demand myth

Is pent-up demand for property a myth?

It’s pretty common to look at downturns, such as the current circuit breaker, as a catalyst for pent-up property demand. The concept of pent-up demand is like an unopened can of Coke that’s been shaken: demand builds up like gas trapped in the can, and then explodes the moment there’s an opening. Same thing with…

china property market rebound

A sign for SG? China property market rebounds after lockdown

After nine weeks of complete lockdown, most people would have expected China’s property market to crumble like cottage cheese. But the latest data from the country shows otherwise: Prices of newly launched homes across 70 major cities in China, excluding state-subsidised housing, rose 0.13% overall in March 2020. Meanwhile, values for resale (second-hand) homes, which…

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