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common issues rental property fix

5 most common rental property disasters (and how to fix them)

Most tenancy agreements require the tenant to pay for the maintenance of the rental property, and this can unfortunately add up to a pretty penny. Not only that, but most Singaporean landlords really don’t like to be bothered about small issues in the home (especially when they’re vacationing thanks to your rental income). So, in this…

An empty fully furnished room up for rental

How much income should you spend on rent in Singapore?

If you are renting in Singapore, the question is never “Is my rent too high?” This is not the world’s most affordable city, and if you took rent prices in Singapore and applied it to another country, political science experts would point to it and warn the UN of an upcoming civil war. 99.co is…

Q2 2018 Property Report Main

The 99.co Property Report for 2Q 2018 (and 3 Key Takeaways)

Just when property watchers thought that the party was just getting started in 2Q 2018, up came the government, who pulled the rug from under our feet as the 3rd quarter barely got under way. So, putting together the Quarterly Property Report for 2Q 2018 feels a tad surreal, as if we’re observing a sci-fi…

neighbourhoods in singapore rent

The coolest neighbourhoods in Singapore to rent [2018 update]

Singapore might not hold a candle to the exotic destinations we marvel at on Instagram, but consider this: our little red dot has something else to offer: the perfect balance between liveability and coolness. In other words, hip enough, but also safe enough, which is what attracts so many expats to make this sunny island…

Rent-saving tips for tenants

5 smart rent-saving tips for tenants in Singapore

Even if rent prices in Singapore have come under pressure lately, the amount a tenant spensd per month can still be rather substantial. For instance, a 3-room (two-bedroom) HDB flat in the centrally located Toa Payoh town averages $1,800, to about $2,500 for a 2-bedroom condo unit at the same district. So if you are looking…

Stamp duty for property in Singapore: What you need to know

One of the many additional costs associated with buying property is stamp duty. Stamp duty refers to the tax on documents relating to the purchase or lease of a property, payable to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Virtually all residential property transactions — including buying, selling and renting property — in Singapore are subject…

letter of intent

Tenant’s guide to the Letter of Intent

The Letter of Intent – or LOI – serves as an intermediary step between the viewing/negotiation and the signing the Tenancy Agreement (TA)   After having chosen your next home and negotiated the terms of the arrangement, it is time to make your move and secure the unit. While not obligatory, the Letter of Intent…

roommates different nationalities

Living with roommates of different nationalities: what to expect

Just like Singaporeans are known for being competitive and kiasu, people from other nationalities also have their unique traits and characteristics. In this article, we take a look at a lighter look at situations you might encounter if you live with roommates of different nationalities! American: They’ll complain about how small the food portions are….


5 under the radar HDB housing and rental schemes

Looking to buy or rent a house? Apart from the CPF Housing Grant (which pretty much everyone knows about!), there are also a few lesser-known schemes that may help you defer some of your cost. Read on to find out more! #1: Fresh Start Housing Scheme The Fresh Start Housing Scheme is applicable for second-timer…

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