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Landlord Tips: 7 Ways to Minimise Vacancy for Residential Rental Property

Faced with a competitive rental market due to the onslaught of Covid-19, landlords are now feeling the squeeze from expats leaving Singapore or downgrading to a smaller rented home. Most of these landlords have significant mortgage obligations that depend on consistent rental income, and prolonged vacancy would mean being unable to service the home loan…

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Why are rental yields so high for HDB flats?

If your only concern is rental yield, then an HDB flat will come out ahead of a private property simply because a HDB flat costs less. Many HDB flat owners will tell you about yields as high as 5 to 7%, about two percentage points ahead of private properties. But is this accurate, and does…


7 important rental clauses you never knew existed

If you’re new to renting, it’s normal to be a little intimidated by all the technical language in your Tenancy Agreement (TA). In this article, we explain seven important, yet lesser-known, rental clauses for both landlords and tenants. Note that these clauses may apply not only to residential, but also to commercial and industrial properties….

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