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Stop your property agent

5 Things You Should Stop Your Property Agent from Doing

These days, most property agents are under tight regulation by the CEA. But even then, there are some – shall we say – “informal arrangements”. These sometimes work against your convenience (hey, you’re paying the property agent for the service!) Other times, they can cost you money. Here’s what you should stop your property agent…

Renting a home as a parent with kids: What to look out for

Renting a home is different, and much more tricky, when you have kids in tow. Most importantly, you need to look out for these specific home features (and potential hazards) when you’re looking for the ideal place to rent: 1. Consider unfurnished apartments instead  With furnished apartments, most landlords will not allow many changes. Landlords…

international schools in singapore expat families main

International schools in Singapore: Where to live for expat families

If you’re an expat who’s relocating to Singapore together with your family, you’re probably looking to stay in a neighbourhood or district that gives you an easy commute to your workplace and chosen international school for your children. In this article, we introduce five housing estates in Singapore which have a plethora of international schools….

Divorcees HDB punish

How HDB punishes divorcees in Singapore

Over the years, the Housing & Development Board (HDB) has been relaxing the rules against divorcees buying flats. Actually, the intention for these rules isn’t really to “punish” them at all. Rather, HDB’s intent is to stop the occasional schemer from gaming the system (there are some people who get divorced on paper, just so…

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