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Executive maisonette HDB flat

3 stunning Executive Maisonette HDB flats we love

If you’ve ever stepped into an Executive Maisonette, commonly known as EM, your eyes would probably have widened at the sheer size and spaciousness of these very unique HDB apartments. EMs are HDB flats that span two storeys, with a floor area of up to 2,615 square feet (sq ft). The bedrooms are usually found…

HDB Grants for Singles

Quick Guide to BTO and Resale HDB Grants for Singles

Forget the big 30 or 40, 35 is the age that many Singaporean singles look forward to. Reach this age, and they become eligible to buy a HDB flat, be it resale or a build-to-order (BTO) flat*. And like couple applicants, singles can also benefit from housing grants. In this article, we outline all the…


3 questions first-time HDB resale flat buyers must answer

Patience is a virtue. For many Singaporeans, however, playing the built-to-order (BTO) waiting game can be frustrating. This especially applies to soon-to-be-wed or newlywed couples and don’t want to wait for three to four years for their nest to be completed. For couples who do go down the apply-for-BTO route instead of buying a resale…

Bishan HDB resale flats

What makes Bishan HDB Resale flats perform so well?

While overall HDB resale prices in Singapore has overseen a lacklustre performance in the past five years, there’ve been a handful of HDB towns that shone. One of them is Bishan new town, which was built in the 1980s and includes flats in the neighbourhoods of Sin Ming and Shunfu. Zooming in on flats built…

HDB Grants for Couples

Quick Guide to BTO, SBF and Resale HDB Grants for Couples

For most couples, getting married means buying a HDB flat. Without HDB grants for couples, this can be a financial challenge — especially if you’re planning a 3-day photoshoot in the Maldives, a banquet at The Capella and a honeymoon in Iceland. Thankfully, when you buy a resale flat or a flat directly from HDB…

Upcoming May 2018 BTO projects

HDB May 2018 BTO: What You Must Know Before You Apply

There’s usually a project or two in every HDB BTO launch that gets everyone excited. In May 2017, the Dakota flats were on everyone’s lips for how strategically located they were. Then, in February, applicants took fancy at the Teck Whye BTO flats, classified as a non-mature project (which makes it cheaper) but very accessible to…

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