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Singaporean millennial rent

Why every Singaporean millennial should rent their own place

At one point or another, the Singaporean millennial would have harboured thoughts of renting his/her own apartment or room; mainly because of the allure of having your own pad (i.e. true personal space). This is often decried as a waste of money, since a large chunk of their income goes toward paying the landlord’s mortgage….

saving on rental

What singles should look out for when renting in Singapore

If you’re renting a home in Singapore, you’ll be glad to know this is a family friendly…wait, what’s that? You’re single? *Grumble* Old school landlords have certain suspicions about singles. Fret not, knowing these pointers will help you deal with landlords and common issues you’ll probably face: 1. Roommates are almost never worth the savings Let’s…

pros cons live-in landlord

Renting your dream home: pros and cons of a live-in landlord

You’re getting the hang of this adulting thing, your career is going well, and you’ve decided that it’s finally time to move out. Once you’ve decided on your budget, the next thing that you’ll have to consider is whether you want to rent from a live-in landlord, or whether you prefer having your landlord at…

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