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sell vs rent property Singapore

Sell vs rent out your property: How to make the right decision

Singapore private properties are one cooling measure away from becoming penguin sanctuaries. The government really wants to lower or freeze prices, which raises a conundrum: Will your property asset possibly turn into a liability? And if so, should you keep renting it out, or sell it now if you have a good offer? There’s never…


Why the private home sales slump is not all doom and gloom

Sales of new private homes fell in August 2018, by around 50.6% year-on-year. This has been largely attributed to the new cooling measures implemented the previous month. And now, the big movers and shakers in the property market are forecasting “a sedate market”, “lost foreign investment” and “high barriers to property ownership”. However, we’ve seen…

HDB sale proceeds CPF

How your HDB sale proceeds might get “taken” by CPF

Singaporeans are a practical and savvy bunch. When it comes to selling our flats, most of us would prefer to receive the HDB sale proceeds in cold hard cash, rather than having it go into our Central Provident Fund (CPF) accounts. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how much of your property sale proceeds…

renovation tips wreck property resale value

5 renovation tips that can destroy your property’s resale value

You probably can picture exactly how your dream home looks like. Some people like plenty of built-in cabinets that allow them to achieve the minimalist aesthetic. Others might favour big, bold looks with lots of colour. But beware: If you overdo it, you just might be hurting your home’s resale value. Even common renovation tips,…

Buying Selling Property with Tenants

5 must-ask questions when buying/selling property with tenants

Buying over a tenanted home is the ultimate shortcut for property investors. You have someone paying you rental income as soon as you take ownership the house. Because of this, you cover your mortgage from the get-go and save valuable time and expense looking for a tenant. But, before you dive into buying a property…


Property agent commission in Singapore: How much should I pay?

A good property agent more than deserves his/her commission, but many buyers and sellers are often unsure about how much to pay. So do landlords and tenants. Truth is, there are many factors that determine property agent commission in Singapore; even seasoned sellers, buyers and renters can become confused about industry standards. So, here’s our…

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