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small house and big house on a hand

5 Reasons Shoebox Units are Gaining Popularity Again

Shoebox units (aka the Property Investor Starter Kit) are much maligned by old-school investors. Too small for families, too cost per square foot, too hard to offload. But if so, why is everyone so interested in these small houses again? Reason#1: Over the long term, shoebox units have performed better than the overall condo market…

Property jargon of the day: Shoebox

Property Jargon of the Day: Shoebox

Everyday, 99.co picks a piece of property jargon to demystify. Today, we look at a growing favourite: the shoebox What is a shoebox unit? A shoebox unit is defined as any unit that’s about 500 square feet or under (506 square feet if you want to be super precise). Shoebox units are sometimes also called…


Top 5 Compact Units For the New Property Investor

Compact units are a “love it or hate it” affair for many property investors; but they’ve seen a more favourable turn of late. For new property investors, these offer a great stepping stone toward bigger assets. The fact is, these small-sized apartments are affordable and low-maintenance. If you’re a landlord, compact units are also easier…

Set of floor plans and a pencil

5 Ways the New URA Size Restrictions can Affect You

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has recently imposed new size restrictions on condos. But we know what you’re thinking: size restrictions are the developers’ problem, right? But you’d be wrong, as URA’s new rules impact you in a number of different ways – from overall housing standards, to how much you end up paying for…

EC sandwich class

Sandwich class in Singapore: a way out?

Even as prices for Housing Development Board (HDB) flats drop, some do not qualify to purchase new units because of strict guidelines. A sandwiched buyer could well be someone who has tried all options in searching for an HDB flat. Exhausted from the lack of appealing buys, he/she turns to the private market. Alas, condominiums might…

Shoebox unit

Shoebox apartments: Worth the investment?

Also known as Mickey Mouse units, private apartments of up to 506 square feet surged in popularity in 2013. These typically cost more per square foot, but are hot among singles and young couples who appreciate the compact space. In this 99.co special feature, we explore this segment for Singapore buyers and investors. Shoebox units…

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