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Q1 2019 Singapore Property Quarterly Report

Q1 2019 is over, and it’s time to look at some of the key numbers and details. Here’s what you need to note: The Bigger Picture: Overall private home prices dipped 0.6 per cent The Core Central Region took the brunt of falling prices Resale flat prices may see some support in May There is…

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5 Top Properties For Seaside Living in Singapore

Always wanted to live near the beach? In this blog post, we share several properties (some HDB, some condominiums) that are all near the seaside. PS: The cheapest of these properties is selling for just $290,000… how’s that for a steal? #1: This apartment at Changi Village Road District: D17 Nearest MRT: Pasir Ris Size:…

Singapore 2nd most expensive housing market

Singapore 2nd Most Expensive Housing Market

CBRE says Singapore is still the second-most expensive housing market in the world, after Hong Kong; this despite a slower price growth since last year. Top housing markets worldwide Hong Kong retained the top spot, where an average home is about or $2,837 psf, or S$1.675 million. Singapore’s residential properties are about S$1,442 per square…


5 Great Commercial Properties For Under $1 Million

Want to diversify your property portfolio, and invest in commercial property? Regardless of whether you’re thinking of purchasing a retail store, a warehouse, or even an F&B unit, you’ve got plenty of options. In this article, we round up 5 great commercial properties that you can buy for under $1 million! #1: This retail shop…

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6 Touchy Issues Expats Must be Aware of in Singapore

Enough about how we say “one” or “lah”. Here’s a no-holds barred look at what expats should know, to really avoid confrontations: 1. Don’t make us explain the chewing gum ban, we’re tired of reciting it This is actually two points. First, whatever joke you’re going to make chewing gum, we’ve heard it. Don’t bother….

singapore night activities

Top things to do in Singapore after midnight: Late night activities that don’t involve drinking and dancing

(Updated -10/04/2019) Is Singapore the city that never sleeps? Not quite, considering our malls pull down the shutters for the day by 10pm, and the idea of late night fun for most of us equals knocking back beers or shots at the many bars and clubs across the island. But if you ever find yourself in a New York state…

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