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Banker explaining valuation

We got 16-Year-Olds to Explain Singapore Housing

To get a sense of how well young Singaporeans understand housing, we had our 16-year old interns explain it in an article. Then we made Ryan (the editor) correct everything. Here’s how well our young Singaporeans “get” housing: (The following was jointly written by 16-year old interns) So I’ve been tasked to come up with…

Empire Allianze Group's Top Achievers in ERA for 2018

99.co Property Agent Success Stories: Mark Kong equips an expanding Empire with tools for success

Over the years Mark Kong has forged strong alliances with industry leaders, allowing him to create an empire in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As a true blue ERA veteran of 20 years, Mark has lead ERA’s Empire Allianze Group to success and has ambitious plans to expand his kingdom further, all whilst maintaining a collaborative…

Business Man Driving to Work

Workplaces Where You Should Seriously Consider a Car

Singapore’s public transport system has been lauded locally and internationally. The system is efficient, safe and convenient.  As our public transport system continues to improve and expand its reach over our land, it appears that car ownership in Singapore is largely unnecessary. But that’s still not true for some of these places: Here are some…

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