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Renting in Singapore landlords reject tenants

Renting in Singapore: 5 reasons why landlords reject tenants

Here’s the thing about Singaporean landlords: even when they’ve clearly bought a property for investment and rental yield, they tend to remain possessive and nit-picky over their cash cow. So, it’s not just the tenants who are doing the choosing; landlords, too, can get really picky when they screen tenants. If you’ve made an enquiry…

Singles renting in singapore

Cost saving apartment renting tips for singles

If you’re renting a home in Singapore, you’ll be glad to know this is a family friendly…wait, what’s that? You’re single? *Grumble* Old school landlords have certain suspicious about singles. But never mind that – as a single, there are some things you will have to prepare for. And this will save you learning the…

Buying Selling Property with Tenants

5 must-ask questions when buying/selling property with tenants

Buying over a tenanted home is the ultimate shortcut for property investors. You have someone paying you rental income as soon as you take ownership the house. Because of this, you cover your mortgage from the get-go and save valuable time and expense looking for a tenant. But, before you dive into buying a property…

Rent-saving tips for tenants

5 smart rent-saving tips for tenants in Singapore

Even if rent prices in Singapore have come under pressure lately, the amount a tenant spensd per month can still be rather substantial. For instance, a 3-room (two-bedroom) HDB flat in the centrally located Toa Payoh town averages $1,800, to about $2,500 for a 2-bedroom condo unit at the same district. So if you are looking…

Space Planning Condo HDB

5 practical space planning tips for small condo and HDB units

In Singapore, space is a privilege, and moving into a smaller apartment can be a challenge. Many new homeowners and tenants have previously lived in a larger environment and find it a difficult transition after choosing a smaller unit, thinking it’ll just be a matter of “throwing away what you don’t need”. But the truth…


Ask the 99.co expert: Breaking your rental lease early in Singapore

For the month of October 2017, 99.co is collaborating with Asia Law Network to bring great property-related legal content to readers of their blog written by Asia Law Network Premium Lawyers. In the last article of the series, Jeshua Srijit Shashedaran from Netto & Magin LLC talks about tenants and landlords breaking leases early in Singapore….

security deposit cover

Foreign tenant’s security deposit withheld by landlord – is there any truth to this?

For the month of October 2017,  99.co is collaborating with Asia Law Network to bring great property-related legal content to readers written by Asia Law Network Premium Lawyers. In the third topic of the series, we bring you a few different views pertaining to the subject of the withholding of a foreign tenant’s security deposit by the landlord. Fact or…

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