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My BTO reno was stressful. Learn from my mistakes.

I recently moved into my four-room BTO flat in Tampines. It’s freaking awesome, but it took a stressful renovation to get here. Don’t get me wrong, the final product is almost exactly how I pictured it and the pipes and cabinets are intact. But damn, I was racked with anxiety and paranoid for two months…

Rent-saving tips for tenants

5 smart rent-saving tips for tenants in Singapore

Even if rent prices in Singapore have come under pressure lately, the amount a tenant spensd per month can still be rather substantial. For instance, a 3-room (two-bedroom) HDB flat in the centrally located Toa Payoh town averages $1,800, to about $2,500 for a 2-bedroom condo unit at the same district. So if you are looking…

Tips for tenants

5 tips for tenants that do more harm than good

Bad home rental tips for tenants are the second worst form of advice after unsolicited (parenting tips are the first, and should be punished by mandatory babysitting). It’s time we addressed the most dangerous (i.e. potentially costly) ones that are persistently floating around on internet forums: 1. Pay huge amounts of advance rent to lower rental…

simple ways reliable property agent

7 simple ways to spot a reliable property agent

You know why picking a reliable property agent is hard? It’s because most of us only buy a house once or twice in our lives. Fortunately, there’s a method to spot a property agent you can trust and rely on: First, the common-sense basics: Always ensure your agent is licensed by the Council for Estate…

Renovation tips from homeowners

23 renovation tips from seasoned homeowners

As a newbie homeowner, you’re in a stressful situation. You’ve finally plonked down a large sum of money for your first property (and probably wiped out the money in your CPF account whilst you’re at it). Now it’s time to renovate your place, and the number of decisions that you’ll be faced with is countless….

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