Marvell City

Jl. Raya Ngagel , Surabaya, Jawa Timur

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About Marvell City

Marvell City
Redesigned, Reimagined, Realized
A premium living space driven by the pursuit of excellence. In art, asymmetry is the new balance. Perfect proportion does not necessary mean uniformity. At Marvell City we do not conform. We set the standard. Enter Ong & Ong, award winning architect from singapore, well known for their creative approach and meticulous attention to details.
In this project, we create an innovative balance between the resedential and the commercial features, which in completion becomes a contemporary artwork. This is the essence of Marvell City, to be fresh, new and daringly modern. Creating detailed features with tremendous dose of creativity to balance nature and architecture, Marvell City is modern architecture at its best.
Features The Linden
1. 5 Layers Security.
• At the Marvell City Gate
• At the parking entrance
• At the lobby parking
• At the Passanger Lift
• At the individual unit
2. 24 Hours Security
3. CCTV in most areas
4. Proximity Cards for tenants
5. Award Winning Architect - Ong & Ong Singapore
Other Services for Marvell City Tenants
1. Delivery Services for food and beverage
2. Grocery delivery service
3. Housekeeping service
4. Laundry service

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