General Industrial for Rent in 8B @ Admiralty

8B Admiralty Street · General Industrial for Rent Sembawang / Yishun (D27)

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2,600 sqft

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S$1.62 psf


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(*Photos & Details* are for illustration purpose Only & subject to change) Please kindly take note some units maybe Sold or Leased out. And *Subject to Availability* All listing: is subject to contract, availability and Landlord’s final approval. __________________________________________________ 8B @Admiralty @8B Admiralty Street (S)757440 Factory For Lease 1636sf @$2500 1754sf @$2800 3500sf @$5500 FACTORY FOR LEASE Northlink Building, 10 Admiralty Street (S)757695 Level 5 - 5560sf at $0.96psf=$5k 5188sf at $0.92psf=$6.6k - Level 1 Admirax @ 8 Admiralty Street (S)757438. B1 Factory For Lease. 1st level - 2142sf @$2.80psf=$5999 / 3745sf 2$2.80psf=$10.4k / 2744sf at $2.80psf=$7.6k / 8482sf @$2.80psf=$23.76k nego Upper Floor - 1765/1797/2142/ 2314/2744/3455/3745/4088/8729/9752/101500 @$2.00psf nego Admiralty Industrial Park, 19 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 Office For Lease 350sf @$2.86psf=$1000 900sf @$2.00psf=$1800 ARK @Gambas, 7 Gambas Crescent (S)757087 Factory For Lease 250sf @$3.00psf=$750 650sf @$1.54psf=$1000 1603sf @$1.19psf=$1900 1711sf @$1.29psf=$2200 2250sf @$1.71psf=$3850 2259sf @$2.20psf=$4950 3000sf @$1.50psf=$4500 6750sf @$1.70psf=$11000 E9 Premium, 61 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 (S)757047 Factory For Lease 1701sf @$1.65psf=$2800 2223sf @$1.35psf=$3400 2261sf @$1.59psf=$3600 2279sf @$1.32psf=$3000 2600sf @$1.80psf=$4680 3481sf @$1.58psf=$5500 ELDIX, 11 Mandai Estate (S)729908 Factory For Lease 900sf @$1.78psf=$1600 1389sf @ $1.51psf=$2100 1500sf @ $1.34psf=$2100 1800sf @$2.50psf=$4500 1841sf @$1.36psf=$2500 1860sf @$1.61psf=$3000 Harvest @ Woodlands, 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 (S)757322 Factory / Office For Lease 285sf @$2.85psf=$8960 480sf @$2.08psf=$1000 1000sf @$1.25psf=$1250 1690sf @$1.15psf=$1950 1906sf @$1.50psf=$2859 2146sf @$1.33psf=$2850 2312sf @$1.56psf=$3600 3000sf @$1.42psf=$4250 3980sf @$2.15psf=$8550 5720sf @$1.40psf=$8000 Hiangkie Industrial Building, 27 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 (S)757718 1400sf @$1.45psf=$200 2831sf @$1.45psf=$4100 3423sf @$1.17psf=$4000 Nordcom One & Two @3 Gambas Crescent (S)757088 B1 Ramp Up Factory For Lease. Various Unit Ground Floor 2088/2303/2400/2702/4391/10000sf at $2.00psf nego Upper Floor 1636/1668/1701/2013/5253 @$1.30psf to $1.80psf nego 1650sf @$1.20psf=$1990 1658sf @$1.44psf=$2400 1678sf @$1.40psf=$2350 1701sf @$1.40psf=$2400 Nordix, 1 Woodlands Industrial Park E2 (S)757447 5048sf @$2.51psf=$13000 5587sf @$2.51psf=$14000 7320sf @$1.78psf=$13000 Primz BizHub, 21 Woodlands Close (S)737854 Factory For Lease 700sf @$2.71psf=$1900 1151sf @$1.30psf=$1500 1152sf @$1.91psf=$2200 1184sf @$1.44psf=$1700 1205sf @$1.49psf=$1800 1324sf @$1.44psf=$1900 1528sf @$1.14psf=$1800 1615sf @$1.55psf=$2500 2292sf @$1.83psf=$4200 2658sf @$1.73psf=$4500 Wave9, 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 (S)757048 2433sf @$2.50psf=$6082 2465sf @$1.70psf=$4200 3197sf @$2.00psf=$6400 3861sf @$1.72psf=$6625 4370sf @$2.00psf=$8740 7500sf @$2.00psf=$15000 11345sf @$1.20psf=$13600 33583sf @$1.30psf=$43600 Woodlands 11, 11 Woodlands Close (S)737853, Factory For Lease 1830sf @$1.37psf=$2500 2863sf @$2.30psf=$6500 5317sf @$2.30psf=$12000 Woodlands Bizhub, 190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 915sf @$1.63sf=$1500 925sf @$1.72sf=$1600 1200sf @$1.50psf=$1800 1400sf @$1.43psf=$2000 1300sf @$2.26psf=$2950 (Beautifully Renovated) 1399sf @$1.54psf=$2100 1959f @$1.36psf=$2650 2100sf @$1.84psf=$3850 3300sf @$1.52psf=$5000 6100sf @$2.30psf=$14000 Woodlands Horizon, 31 Woodlands Close (S)737855 1665sf @$1.50psf=$4488 1711sf @$1.32psf=$2250 Woodlands Industrial Xchange, 71 Woodlands Avenue 10 (S)737743 1722sf @$1.22psf=$2100 2013sf @$1.88psf=$3800 3444sf @$1.45psf=$5000 7179sf @$1.69psf=$11850 Woodlands Spectrum 1 - 2 Woodlands Sector 1 Factory For Lease. 13466/13918sf /23000/ 52539sf at $1.55psf. ***Worker Quarter/ Dormitory For Lease*** Geylang Road / Guillemard Road - 1000sf @$2.5k to $3k with air-con Toh Guan Rd - $260/pax at 12pax per rooms Tuas area - $175/pax at 16pax per rooms Woodland 12000pax each @$283 Rental negotiable Interested party, please kindly contact Jason Lim, Senior Director - Hp: +65 91010 559 Royalland Real Estate (Since 1994)

premium agent
Lim Liang Koon Jason


CEA: L3005927H | P001099I

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