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Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
Others of 1,335 sqft General Industrial for Rent in Atrix
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General Industrial for Rent in Atrix

Lorong 23 Geylang · General Industrial for Rent Eunos / Geylang / Paya Lebar (D14)

Floor Area

1,335 sqft


S$2.70 psf


Property details

Property segment IndustrialMain catGeneral IndustrialLand useB1
DistrictD14Lease termFlexibleLast updated7 days ago

3 min (168 m) from Aljunied MRT


24 hr Access

24 hr access

Loading Bay

Loading bay



Car Park

Car park

Column Free

Column free

Security Access

Security access

Bath Room

Bath room

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning




(*Photos & Details* are for illustration purpose Only & subject to change) Please kindly take note some units maybe Sold or Leased out. And *Subject to Availability* All listing: is subject to contract, availability and Landlord’s final approval. _________________________________________________ Atrix, 82 Lorong 23 Geylang. (S)388409 Atrix, 82 Lorong 23 Geylang. (S)388409 Atrix, 82 Lorong 23 Geylang. 1356sf @$3.6k 1500sf @$2.90psf=$4.5k 2260sf @$2.16psf=$4.9k ==================================== (Photos are for illustration purpose Only) FACTORY, WAREHOUSE @ EAST AND OTHER LOCATIONS ABV Industrial Building, 29 Changi South Avenue 2. (S)486444. Fully Fitted Office For Lease. 2800sf at $2.48psf=$6.9k AGVA Building at 63 Kaki Bukit Place (S)416234 Warehse For Lease 3595sf at $1.70psf=$6.2k Aljunied Industrial Complex, 625 Aljunied Road (S)389836 1313sq ft @$3.6k partition rooms with aircon Fully Fitted and renovated, Two Entrance, Two free parking lot, 560sf at $1000 / 960sf $1.8k / 1150sf /1615sf / 1790sf / 2637sf. Near Bus Stop and MRT AIS Industrial Building, 103 Kallang Avenue (S)339504 Warehse For Lease 4019sf at $2.00psf=$8000 Alps Ave, 70/71 Alps Avenue (S)498801 Warehouse For Lease 1779/9000/13999/14058/16383/20000/37000/40000/64000sf at $1.90psf nego. With air con A-Reit, 50 Kallang Avenue (S)339505 Various Units For Lease. 2518sf/4259sf/6137sf/8245sf/9127sf at $3.20psf to $3.50psf negotiable. Aperia, 8 Kallang Avenue (S)339509 Twr 1 – 2467sf @$6.91psf / 4747sf @$6.70psf / 5579sf @$6.00psf Aperia, 12 Kallang Avenue. (S)339511 2064/2095/3051sf @$6.80psf 1637/2737/1763/1968sf @$5.90psf Opposite Lavendar MRT Atrix, 82 Lorong 23 Geylang. (S)388409 1377sf @$2.40psf=$3300 Fitted 1356sf @$2.95psf=$4000 Fitted 1453sf @$4900 Fitted 1636sf @$5500Fitted 1756sf @$5900Fitted Aztech Building, 31 Ubi Road 1 (S)408694 853/1207/1723/2531/2739/2929/4040sf /4354/4823/5014/5382/5784/7805/14400sf From $3.20psf to $3.50psf nego Fitted Units AZ @ Paya Lebar, 140 Paya Lebar Road (S)409015 Various Units For Lease 1098/1184/1195/1216/1238/1300/1399/1636/2239 sq ftRental $2.80psf to $4.00psf nego B Central @ 994/996 Bendemeer Road (S)339944. Flatted Factory For Lease. Varous Units 2626/2830/4768sf #01-xx 4768sf at $2.40psf=$ 11443 / #02-xx 4768sf at $1.90psf=$9059 / #03-xx 2992sf at $1.90psf=$5684 / #04-xx 4768sf at $1.90psf=$9059 nego Biztech Centre, 627A Aljunied Road (S)389842 947, 958, 1001sf at $2.50psf to $2.90psf neg. 2 bus stop to Aljunied MRT, Boustead Hse @ 63 Ubi VAve 1 (S)408937. Warehouse cum office for Lease 2250sf at $2.00psf=$4.5k 2637sf at $2.00psf=$5.2k Brightway Building, 3 Lorong Bakar Batu (S)348741 Grd Floor 1604sf @$2.40psf=$3849. Hgt 5.5m. *(Free Parking)* 1130sf @$3000 1184sf @$3330 1271sf @$3600 1819sf @$4200 2271sf @$5200 Boustead House @Ubi, 63 Ubi Avenue 1 (S)408937 Warehouse cum office for Lease 2250sf at $2.00psf=$4.5k Chai Chee Lane, - Blk 502/506/512/514 B1 Flatted Factory For Lease. Chai Chee Lane Level 1 – 5561/ 5197sf @$1.90psf=$9.8k Upper Level - 5561sf at $1.60psf=$8.8k, 2648/2913/3972/4601/5561/5559/8209/11220 CES Building, 69 Ubi Crescent (S) 408561 B1 Factory For Lease 1044/1238/1625/1862sf @$2.10psf nego. Ample Parking. 2 Mins to Ubi MRT Opp Maha Bodhi Schoo CES Centre, 171 Chin Swee Road (S) 169877 Office Space For Lease 450/580/590/600/760/800/950/1010/1250/1330/1820sf @$5.50psf. Fitted unit $6.50psf, Centre aircon, light, Cityneon Design Centre, 84 Genting Lane (S)349584 Light Industry For Lease. 1099/325/5415/11731sf at @$2.20psf nego. Clementi Loop 1 (S)129808 Level 1 – 7136sf @$1.90psf Upper Level – 1507/2045/3573/57830/5963sf @$1.65psf Corporation Place, 2 Corporation Road (S)618494 1485/3153/3754/4517/5064/5727/6880/7939/8427/9493/12023sf – Rentral Nego FNA Group Building, 103 Defu Lane 10 (S)539223 Level 5 – 14381sf Da Jin Factory Building, 362 Upper Paya Lebar Road. (S)534963. B2 Factory For Lease. Ground Floor - 2761sf at $2.46psf-$6800. Hgt 7.5m. Ample parking. 138 Depot Road (S)109683 42399/42399/42444sf – Rental nego Eastech, 3016/3017 Bedok North Avenue 4 (S)489947. Factory For Lease. 900sf at $2.11psf=$1.9k Also for Takeover at Eastech - 1800/2300/3300/4500sf Enterprise One, 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 (S)415934. Factory For Lease. Ground Floor 2260sf at $4.00psf=$9000 / 4500sf 2250sf at $2.90psf=$6500 with aircon and lighting. Also For Sale -Various Units 2142/2153/2164/2250/2228/2271sq ft at $642psf to $805psf nego Excalibur Centre, 71 Ubi Crescent (S)408571 2600sf @$4.9k / 2400sf @$5.5k 2partiton rooms. Ample Parking. 3 Mins to Ubi MRT. Opp Maha Bodhi School First Ctr @ Kaki Bt Rd 2 (S)417868 B2 Factory For Lease Ground floor 2300sf at $2.30psf=$5.3k 1300/1668/1984/2500/2625/3283/4025sf at $1.50psf to $1.80psf nego Frontier, 52 Ubi Avenue 3 (S)408867 Ramp-Up factory For Lease. Grd Floor. 2110sf @$2.13psf=$4.5k 2110sf @$1.84psf=$3.9k 3200sf @$1.87psf=$6k. (Fitted Unit). 3649sf @$1.32psf=$4.8k. High ceiling [email protected]$1.35psf=$5.3k. Geylang Shop Houses, 737 Geylang Road (S)389648 Office For Lease. 180sf at $688 / 210sf at $722 / 243sf at $958 / 285sf at $10488 / 310sf at $1488 / 380sf at $1588 405sf at $1788 rental nego. Near MRT. Gold Pine Industrial Building, 126 Joo Seng Road (S)368355 500sf @$2.5psf=$1250 650sf @$2.31psf=$1500 700sf @$2.71psf=$1900 1250f @$1.60psf=$2000 1700sf @$1.25psf=$2140 3402sf @$2.20psf=$7400 Golden Wheel Ind Building @ 50 Kallang Pudding Road (S)349326 Ground Floor 5554sf at $1.810psf=$9.9k Harbour Link Complex, 63 Alexandra Terrace (S)119937 3000/10000sf @$3.50psf Warehouse – Level 1 – 9676/2700/59977sf @$1.50psf HB @ 119 Genting, 119 Genting Lane (S)349570 Warehse For Lease Level 3, 1050sf at $1.80psf=$1944 Level 6, 4350sf at $1.80psf+7830 Hyflux Innovation Centre, @ 80 Bendemeer Road (S)339949. B1 Factory For Lease. 2088/6198/6847/16931/21850sq ft at $5.10psf nego 1 Kallang Way 2A (S)347495 2nd 11513sf / 6th flr 10332sf at $2.00psf Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate, 155 Kallang Way (S)349244 Blk155/166/ 164/171 Kolam Ayer Factory For Lease 976/1320/1800/2500/3000/4846 to 12000sf at $1.75psf to $2.30psf KA Centre, 150 Kampong Ampat (S)368324 and KA Place, 159 Kampong Ampat (S)368328 Office For Lease. 1207sf / 1723sf / 2204 / 2730 / 4040sf / 4354sf at $3.20-$3.50psf. Near MRT and Amenities. Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road (S)437844 Office For Lease. 484/517/571/1044/1055/1259sf at $4.82psf nego Kallang Avenue 21 (S)339412 3853/5100sf @$1.90psf Kallang Avenue 25 (S)339416 7050/8212sf @$1.90psf Kallang Bahru Industrial Estate, 7/11 Kallang Place (S)339155 Beside PICO Art Centre near Lavender MRT. Various Units For Lease. 1276sf / 1378sf / 1790sf / 3300sf @$1.90psf Kallang Place, Kallang Sector, Kallang Way, Lor Bakar Batu, Ubi Rd 1 - Various units 1100sf to 10,000sf @$1.90psf to $2.20psf Kallang Sector. Block 1,3,5 (S)349276 Kallang Palce 7/9/11/16/26/28 Various Units For Lease. 1046/1276/1369/1607/1790/1802/2034/3113/3391/5113/6189/7309/10678sf at $1.75-1.90psf negotiable. Kallang Place 30 (S)339159 976/1380/1983/2357sf @1.90psf Kallang Place 30A (S)339213 TOP Feb 2018 Level 1 – Showroom - 4882sf Upper 19634/25/25295sf KB Warehouse @41 Kaki Bukit Road 2 (S)417858 Ground Floor 3000sf at $2.30psf= $7k. High Ceiling. Ample parking. Leong Huat Building, 6 Harper Road (S)369674 B1 Factory For Lease. Beside MRT 1711psf at $2.80psf=$4790 1950psf at $2.50psf=$4875 1981psf at $2.50psf=$4952 2562psf at $4.00psf=$10248 5096psf at $2.50psf=$12740 Lion Industrial Building A, 10 Arumugam Rd (S)409957 234/500/700/1000/1227/1765/800/500/12636sf nego Lorong Bakar Batu Block 8, 10, 12 (S)348743 Various Units For Lease. 1067sf / 3075sf / 3113sf at $1.80psf negotiable. Logis Tech @ 3 Changi North Street 2 (S)498827 B1 Factory For Lease – Ground Floor 648sf at $2k and 1675sf at $2.80psf=$4.6k. Warehouse For Lease 12670/16000/32000sf at $1.70psf nego Loyang Offshore Supply Base, @ Loyang Crescent (S)508988. 4 Sty Ramp-up B2 Factory Fo Lease. 12000sf at $1.80psf=$21.6k + Office 2300sf at $4.00psf=$9.2k. Hgt 8m For oil and gas company related trade . Ancillary Office For Lease 1000sf to 20000sf @$3.70psf Loyang Industrial Estate, 2/4 Loyang Lane (S)508913 4402/5113/10387/19924/19860sf @$1.40psf Loyang Way Ind Estate @ 30 Loyang Way (S)508769 B2 Factory For Lease. Various units. 2605/3218/2982/5909/8353/8891/9472/1859sf at @$1.50psf nego. Ample loading bays and parking. Loyang Way 72 (S)508762 Offshore Supply Base with Jetty & Shipway Approx. 312,000sq ft – Rental nego Immediate occupation Easy access to TPE, PIE and ECP Two blocks of 3-storey and 4-storey ancillary office Two high ceiling single-storey production facility Blasting and spray painting chamber 160 capacity workers' dormitory Jetty with 142 m of sea frontage Electrical supply 2 nos. of 1,500 A SPPG L.T incoming at approved load of 2,000 kVA Metal House @ 38 Genting Lane (S)348553 B1 Factory For Lease Various Units Ground loor 1398.80sf at $2.30psf = $3.2k Upper Floor 1337/1827/1953/2380sq ft at $1.80psf Media Centre, 82 Genting Lane. (S)349567 Fully Fitted Office with aircon, carpet 1820/1700/7653sf at $2.00psf. Metal House @ 38 Genting Lane (S)348553 B1 Factory For Lease Various Units Ground loor 1398.80sf at $2.30psf = $3.2k Upper Floor 1337/1827/1953/2380sq ft at $1.80psf Minwa Industrial Building @ Genting Lane (S)349554 Space For Lease. 1200sf at $1.50psf=$1.8k with partition room 3873sf at $1.34psf=$5200 MSL Building, 27 Ubi Road 4 (S)408618 Various Units For Lease. 1872sf / 2152sf at $1.90psf to $2.30psf. Ample parking and loading bays. Nam Wah Building @ Changi South Lane Ancillary Office For Lease Showroom and Warehouse / Office for Lease Ground floor 6047sf at $2.80psf=$16.9k 3518/3939/6253sf at $2.30psf. Warehouse For Lease 7610/9063sf at $1.65psf. Hgt 8m New Industrial Rd @ 18 New Industrial Rd (S)536205 B1 Warehouse/Ancillary Office For Lease 610/772/893/2626sf at $2.20psf Novelty Bizcentre, @ 18 Howard Road (S)369585. Brand New, Near Tai Seng MRT 1378sf at $3.50psf=$4823 1389sf at $3.50psf=$4861 nego. Bare units. One Sims Lane, 1 Sims Lane. (S)387355 1076sf @$2.04psf=$2.2k 1862sf @$2.95psf=$5.5k Fitted 2360sf @ $3.30psf=$7.9k Fitted 2459sf @$4.50psf=$11k Beautifully Fully Fitted Opposite Aljunied MRT and Aljuined Food Centre Ossia Building @ 10 Changi South Lane (S) 486162. Factory For Lease. 2530sf at $2.50psf=$6325 6500sf at $2.30psf=$14.9k 13000sf at $2.20psf=$28.6k Oxley BizHub, 61 Ubi Road 1 (S)408727 Grd Flr 1916sf @$2.19psf=$4.2k. Hgt 7m 1600sf @$2.50psf=$4k. / 2390sf @$4.5k.Fitted 3800sf @$2.19psf=$13k. Pacific Tech Centre, 1 Jalan Kilang Timor (S)159303 3778/3853/4056/4120/5274/5338/6307/6361sf – Rental nego Paya Lebar 178, 178 Paya Lebar Road. (S)409030 Ground Floor 3197sf @$11k 1980sf @$5000 / $5.5k 2360sf @$7900 Fully renovated / Near MRT Paya Lebar Square, 60 Paya Lebar Road (S)409051 548sf at $4.5psf=$2.5k 560sf at $7psf=$3.5k 947sf at $6psf=$5.6k 1100sf at $5psf=$5.5k Performance Building, 158 Kallang Way (S)349245 B1 Factory For Lease, 1400sf to 10000sf at $2.40psf PM Industrial Building, 135 Joo Seng Road (S)368363 Level 3 – 1900sf @$1.80psf Level 5 – 4203sf Level 7 – 2000sf Level 8 – 15948sf Redhill Industrial Estate, 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah. (S)159455 Level 1 – 1254/1599/1829/3082sf @$2-$2.30psf Upper Floor – 903/946/1254/1979/3363/3809sf @$1.95psf 1003 Jalan Bukit Merah (S)159472 486/515/558//598/663/688/710/753/968/1052/1377sf @3.30psf Rex House, 73 Bukit Timah Road (S)229832 Office For Lease 2800sf @$4.80psf=$13.4k Opp Tekka MRT Richfield Industrial Centre, 120 Eunos Avenue 7 (S)409574 Factory For Lease. Many units avaiable. 1518sq ft at $1.90psf=$2884. 3036sf at $1.90psf=$5700 For metal and wood work Ruby Industrial Complex (Genting Block) 80 Genting Lane (S)349565 B1 Factory For Lease 550/861/981/
/1550/1572/1765/1981/2200/2623/402/3380sf @$1.65psf to $2.20psf nego. Fitted or bare units available Easy access. Loading for 40ft container. Hgt 3.8m to 6.10m SCN Industrial Building, 11 Sims Drive (S)387385 1250/1280/1500sf @$2.50psf=$3750 nego. Fully Fitted, Near MRT Sindo Building, 66 Tannery Lane (S)347805 Ground floor: Fitted Factory cum office cum showroom 297sf @ $965 ($3.25psf) 490sf @ $1450 ($2.95psf) 609sf @ $1735 ($2.85psf) 710sf @ $1950 ($2.75psf) 812sf @ $2155 ($2.65psf)) 1150sf @ $2700 ($2.35psf) 2nd floor: Fitted Office 480sf @ $1128 ($2.35psf) Office + warehouse 907sf @ $1770 (1.95psf) Senang Crescent B2 Factory For Lease Various Units Grd flr 2000sf at $4.5k Grd flr 2000sf + outside 2000sf at $5k Grd flr 3520s with 2 chiller each 150sf Level 2 office at $8k. Land 5348sf, grd flr 3437sf 2nd flr 2634sf at $9.8k Grd flr 3520s with 2 chiller each 150sf Level 2 office at $8k. Singapore Handicrafts Building @72 Eunos Ave 7 (S)409570 . Warehouse cum office For Lease 431/549/646/818/872/1055/1800sq ft at $2.35psf to $2.60psf neg. Shun Li Industrial Park, 73 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 (S)417949 Factory For Lease. 160sq ft at $700 / 400sq ft at $1.5k including PUB / 2000sf at $4.2k SM Summit Building, 45 Ubi Road 1 (S)408696 Various Units For Lease. 13407sf at $1.90psf negotiable. Ample parking and loading bays. ================================ Geylang Hotel > 38-Beds For Lease - For Workers Only Dickson Hotel, Hamilton Hotel, Jalan Besar Hotel, Lavender Hotel > Beds For Lease - For Workers Only Little India Area Rooms For Lease Rooms For Lease near Lavender MRT, Little India / Race Courses Rd. Hamilton Rd, Jalan Besar, Dickson Rd area, Near Bus stop, Market, Near Sim Lim Tower, Weld MRT, 1200sf @$4.2k to $4.9k Smaller room $550per pax. Bigger room $600-$650per pax. Rental: $550/$650 per pax Example per pax $550×4=$2200per month. Have GST. No Cooking Each $650 per pax including utilities, provide with aircon, wifi, coin laundry and No cooking. Can register with MOM. No restrictions of going in and out of the Hotel --------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Worker Quarter/ Dormitory For Lease*** Geylang Road / Guillemard Road - 1000sf @$3.9k to $4.9k with air-con Changi, Kaki Bukit, Toh Guan Rd - $350 to $500/pax at 10-38pax per rooms Tuas area - $350 to $450/pax at 10 to 40pax per rooms Woodland 9000pax each @$400 to $550per pax. No Cooking. Wifi / Some subject to cooking Sale/Rental negotiable Various unit and others location also available. $$$ neg. Interested party, please kindly contact Jason Lim, Senior Director: Hp: +65 91010 559 or emails:- [email protected] Royalland Real Estate (Since 1994)

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Lim Liang Koon Jason


CEA: L3005927H | P001099I

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