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Hill House Showflat Review

New Boutique Condo In River Valley With Luxurious Personal Touches

10 Nov 2022 · 20 min read · by Faruq Senin


Sale PSF Range

From $2,785 psf (indicative)


D9 - Orchard / River Valley

Nearest MRT

Somerset MRT

No. of units


TOP date



999 Years

by Macly Group/ Roxy-Pacific Holdings/ LWH Holdings

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At a glance


  • Conveniently located within a short drive to Orchard, Robertson Quay and the CBD
  • Plenty of F&B options and retail outlets in the vicinity
  • 9-minute walk to Fort Canning station on the Downtown line

Unit Mix

Total: 72

  • 1-bedroom: 24 units - 431 sq ft (40 sqm)
  • 1+1 bedroom: 16 units - 452 sq ft (42 sqm)
  • 2-bedroom: 24 units - 624 sq ft (58 sqm)
  • 3-bedroom: 8 units - 753 sq ft (70 sqm)

Unit Layout

  • 1 and 2-bedroom units have an open-kitchen concept
  • 2 and 3-bedroom unit layouts are L-shaped, with bedrooms sharing a common corridor
  • Average unit sizes are smaller than nearby new launches


  • 1-bedroom: from S$1.291m
  • 1+1 bedroom: from S$1.351m
  • 2-bedroom: from S$1.778m
  • 3-bedroom: from S$2.097m

Appreciation value

  • Likely to appreciate in value due to strategic location near Orchard & Robertson Quay and unblocked views
  • Future URA developments in Orchard and Clarke Quay will add to appreciation value


  • Interesting nature and wellness concept based on 7 Wonders of Nature
  • Highlights include a rooftop pool, communal study area and dining pavilion with city views

2022 hasn't seen many new launches in the CCR (Core Central Region). Hill House is the only new launch in the River Valley/Orchard area (District 9) this year, and it comes after Enchante's launch in District 11 in August 2022. This is a stark contrast to 2021 and 2020 where CCR projects made up around 50% of all condos launched.

hill house showflat model

In a sea of new launches in the OCR and RCR in 2022, Hill House is a breath of fresh air and would interest prospective buyers looking for a home in the CCR. Jointly developed by Macly Group, Roxy-Pacific Holdings and LWH Holdings, the boutique condo is interesting for several reasons. It has a 999-year lease, a legacy from British colonial rule generally regarded as "freehold".

hill house entrance

But more than that, Hill House is under the Ove Collection, the lifestyle brand behind The Iveria condo and boutique hotel Lloyd's Inn. Its co-founder is Joan Chang, the daughter of Macly Group founder Herman Chang. The Ove Collection is characterised by modern luxury and a timeless design, placing emphasis on curated design, finishes and fittings. This is reflected in Hill House's raw and minimalist aesthetic, with materials and fittings handpicked by Chang herself.

While most new launches we've seen this year are family-oriented, Hill House mainly targets millennial buyers in their late-20s to early 30s and investors, as seen from its predominant unit types - 1 and 2-bedroom units.

Indicative prices for Hill House start from S$1.291m for a 1-bedroom unit (431 sq ft), from S$1.351m for a 1+1 bedroom unit (452 sq ft), from S$1.778m for a 2-bedroom unit (624 sq ft) and S$2.097m for a 3-bedroom unit (753 sq ft).

P.S. Hill House is now open for previews. Click "Enquire Now" to find out more about the project and secure your showflat viewing.

Interesting perks for Hill House buyers

Hill House is offering some special perks for buyers, including a 10% VIP Preview Discount on the first day of its sales launch.

It's also the first project to offer NFT (non-fungible token) digital plants to eight lucky buyers on the VIP Preview Sales day. In line with their nature and wellness theme, Hill House collaborated with NFT artist Serial Co to co-create the NFT digital plants (digital art in the form of NFTs). You can see this NFT digital plant at Hill House's showflat too, and find out more about it here.

This is in line with Macly Group's initiatives during its launches to offer something different to buyers. At the launch of Tedge, they gave out calendars and at NoMa, they had an artist do graffiti.

Review of unit layouts and floor plans at Hill House

Hill House Showflat: 2 Bedroom - Type B3, 624 sq ft (58 sqm)

Total no. of units:

  • 24

Who is it suited for:

  • Couples
  • Investors
  • Young families with one child

hill house 2 bedroom floor plan b3

There are three layouts for Hill House's 2-bedroom units, all of which have an equal size of 624 sq ft (58 sqm). All the 2-bedroom units also have an L-shaped layout, which is suitable for buyers who value their privacy. With Hill House's convenient location near Orchard and Robertson Quay, the 2-bedroom units will also be popular for rentals.

While the layout is not conventionally a dumbbell layout, the 2-bedroom units have two bathrooms so it will still be suitable for two different tenants.

Dining area and open-concept kitchen

hill house 2 bedroom open kitchen

When you enter the unit, you'll be greeted with an open-concept kitchen and the dining area. As it's a compact 2-bedder, it's an efficient layout with no foyer space at the entrance.

hill house dining area

Some buyers might find that having the dining area at the entrance is quite an unconventional layout for a 2-bedroom.

But what we love about this is that there's a dedicated corner for having your meals. A great addition is a full-length window to enjoy natural light during the day. It also makes the kitchen area seem brighter and more spacious.

One downside here is that you won't be able to fit more seating in the dining area or have an extendable table if you wish to host more guests.

hill house dining area shelves bar area

In the showflat, the ID has also designed some shelves to replicate a bar area. For buyers who love to entertain guests, this could be a possible idea for your home.

hill house washer dryer closet

On the right side of the entrance, there's a "linen closet", which is part of the open-concept kitchen. Besides a washer-dryer by premium French brand De Dietrich, there's a shelf where you can store your washing essentials.

We've previously only seen this linen closet concept at Sky Eden@Bedok's showflat so far, and this is a great provision as it keeps your washer-dryer hidden. The distribution box (DB) is also located in this closet.

One consideration here is that by having this linen closet, you might not have space for shoe storage. However, a suggestion is to place a mini shoe rack on the shelf above the washer-dryer.

hill house kitchen shelf

Alternatively, there's also an area opposite the kitchen countertop where you can build an additional storage cabinet.

hill house fridge

Similar to the washer-dryer, the fridge is also by De Dietrich and integrated with the kitchen cabinet. While an integrated fridge keeps the aesthetic kitchen uniform, it might be slightly inconvenient if you need to change your fridge in future.

hill house kitchen countertop

Hill House's interior palette is made up of light and neutral tones; this concept is reflected in the kitchen.

There are ample high and low kitchen cabinets, which are adequate for a 2-bedroom unit. LED striplights are provided as part of the high kitchen cabinet.

Both the kitchen countertop and backsplash are made from engineered stone by Caesarstone, a brand specialising in making quality countertops. Engineered stone countertops are durable and scratch-resistant, so you can expect them to last long.

All bedroom types will get an electrical cooker, hob and hood by De Dietrich. A built-in oven by the high-end Swiss brand V-Zug is also provided. We can understand why the developer isn't providing a gas cooker. As its target demographic is mostly younger millennials, most might not cook often, and even if they do, it will be simpler meals. Plus, Hill House's proximity to Orchard and Robertson Quay will offer plenty of F&B options, so residents might prefer to eat out instead.

hill house kitchen pull-out table

A unique highlight of the kitchen is this pull-out table concealed in one of the drawers. It can be used as an additional countertop space for food preparation. This is an ingenious idea we've never seen before, and it's useful, especially if you have many things on your kitchen countertop.

Living area and balcony

hill house living room

At 100.1 sq ft (9.3 sqm), the living area is a pretty standard size for a 2-bedroom unit. The space is adequate for a three or four-seater sofa.

hill house living room

In the showflat, you'd notice that the ID has placed a small table in between two separate couches. This could be a suggestion for your home decor if you don't wish to place a coffee table in front of the sofa. Doing so would allow for more space in the living area.

hill house living room

You'd also notice that the living, kitchen and dining areas are fitted with marble flooring, giving the common spaces a sleek and sophisticated look.

hill house balcony

At 40.9 sq ft (3.8 sqm), the balcony feels like an extension of the living area. Although it's not a large space, it's cosy enough to fit a chair or couch for one and some plants.

Hill House's Master bedroom and bathroom

The master bedroom is 172 sq ft (16 sqm), slightly larger than average. What's great about it is that it's separated into two distinct areas - the dressing area and the sleeping area.

hill house master bedroom

A key highlight of the master bedroom is a dual-function dressing table that can easily be switched to a work desk for days you work from home. What's great is that the dresser also comes with shelves for storage and a rack to hang clothes you wear daily.

The dresser is situated between the master bedroom entrance and the master bathroom, so it feels like you have a walk-in wardrobe. Do note that the backsplash mirror won't be included in the provisions.

hill house master bedroom

What we love about the sleeping area is the L-shaped and full-length windows which allow plenty of natural light to stream through. Very few developments are able to provide such a view in the master bedroom, and this is the first time we've seen this in a 2-bedroom unit.

The master bedroom can fit a king-sized bed, and there's still room for a side table. Though the space around the bed isn't very generous, there's still sufficient room to move around.

All bedrooms are fitted with engineered timber flooring, a popular choice for most developments.

hill house master bedroom wardrobe

With a three-door wardrobe, there's ample storage space for residents. The wardrobe has built-in sliding doors and laminate door panels and has the same colour palette as the kitchen cabinets.

LED strip lights are included in the wardrobe too. In situations where your partner is asleep, and you don't want to disturb them, the LED strip lights are useful, so you won't need to switch on the main bedroom light.

hill house master bedroom wardrobe

An interesting feature of the wardrobe is an additional compartment that slides out. There are shelves for additional storage, perfect for keeping clutches, jewellery, belts, watches and other small items.

hill house master bedroom wardrobe

On the other side of the sliding compartment is a full-length mirror. This provides residents with additional space in the master bedroom for getting ready.

hill house master bathroom

In line with the light and neutral tones of the development, the master bathroom is decked in earthy colours, which reminds us of a minimalist boutique hotel. It's designed with a polished travertine built-in sink, a material usually tied to luxury. Fun fact: Travertine originated in Italy and was used to make famous structures like the Colosseum and the Sacre-Coeur in Paris.

Some plus points in the master bathroom include a rain shower, a window for natural ventilation, a towel rail and robe hook.

hill house master bathroom mirror cabinet

Instead of the standard rectangular-framed mirror cabinet, Hill House has decided to use a rounded frame so it looks more stylish. There's storage behind the mirror for residents to keep their beauty and grooming essentials. An LED strip light will also be provided.

hill house master bathroom

An interesting point to note is that the sink, wash basin, mixer tap and mirror cabinet have been handpicked by Joan Chang herself, which shows great attention to detail. The curation of fittings also reflects Ove Collection's philosophy.

Hill House's common bedroom and bathroom

hill house bedroom

The common bedroom is 86.1 sq ft (8 sqm), which is the average size. It can fit up to a queen-sized bed and has full-length windows.

Residents with one child can place a single bed and still have enough space for a study table. Couples or singles might use this bedroom as a guest room or even turn it into a hobby or entertainment room.

hill house common bedroom

Similar to the master bedroom, the wardrobe has built-in sliding doors, laminate door panels and LED strip lights. The difference is that the wardrobe in the common bedroom is smaller.

hill house shared bathroom

The shared bathroom also has similar provisions to the master bathroom - a built-in travertine sink, a rounded mirror cabinet with shelves and LED strip lights, and windows for natural ventilation.

hill house shared bathroom

The only difference is that the shared bathroom has no rain shower.

Stack analysis and facilities review of Hill House

Stack analysis and facilities review of Hill House

Views from the stacks

hill house stack views

Hill House has one block of nine stacks. Stacks 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 have the best views as they face north towards the Killiney and Orchard Road area. These buildings in the Killiney area are low-rise; hence, Hill House's residents in these stacks will enjoy unblocked views of the Orchard area. What's great is that Hill House is located on a hill, so it has a vantage point.

Stacks 3, 4, 5 and 6 face south towards Aspen Heights condominium, which has 16 storeys.

Hill House sun analysis

hill house sun analysis

Hill House is arranged in a north-south orientation, so the stacks can avoid direct afternoon and morning sun. Residents will also enjoy cross-ventilation as the wind direction goes from north to south and vice-versa, depending on the time of the year.

The north-facing stacks (facing Orchard) might experience some indirect afternoon sun from March to September when it's coming in the northwest direction. The south-facing stacks (facing Aspen Heights) might also experience some indirect afternoon sun from September to March when it's coming in the southwest direction.

Facilities at Hill House

Hill House Site Plan

hill house site plan with facilitieshill house site planhill house site plan

Hill House's facilities are located across three floors - the 1st storey, 2nd storey and the roof terrace.

hill house greenery

In line with the nature and wellness theme of Hill House, the development is filled with greenery even though they don't have a large site area. A noteworthy concept is that its landscape comprises 7 unique gardens termed the "7 Gardens of Wonder". Starting from the arrival lobby and ending at the rooftop, you'll be able to experience 7 gardens which include a modern rainforest, a floral garden, a cactus walkway, a zen garden, a culinary garden and more. Each of these will give you a different immersive experience in nature.

hill house pool

Artist's impression of Hill House's pool on the roof terrace

On the roof terrace, there's a 20m lap pool which overlooks the city skyline towards the Orchard area and the north. There's also a jacuzzi and pool bar where residents can relax and unwind after a long day at work.

hill house teepee garden oasis

Artist's impression of Hill House's Teepee Garden Oasis

Another interesting facility on the roof terrace is the Teepee Garden Oasis which offers something different. The teepees are not only Instagrammable but also provide a corner for residents to get some respite.

hill house dining pavilion

Artist's impression of Hill House's dining pavilion

There's also a dining pavilion on the roof terrace where residents can invite their friends and loved ones for gatherings. What's great is a BBQ pit with washing facilities and a herb garden. Besides, there's a stunning view of Fort Canning Park from the rooftop as well.

hill house communal study terrace

On the 2nd storey, residents can "work from home" or study at the Communal Study Terrace. Many new launches these days cater to hybrid work arrangements, so it's great that Hill House has also jumped on the bandwagon.

hill house children's playground

Artist's impression of Hill House's children's playground

For families with young children, they can enjoy some quality bonding time at the children's playground. An advantage here is that the playground is close to the communal dining area and social corner. So, parents can spend time with their friends while their children have fun at the playground.

Other facilities on the 2nd storey are the gym/function room and a hammock garden.

Hill House location review

As its name suggests, Hill House is perched atop Institution Hill, a gentle terrain above River Valley Road. This is also why its tagline is "Enclave on a Hill". Its neighbours are other private condominiums such as Aspen Heights, Langston Ville, Aspen LinQ and Pine Residences.

A highlight is that Hill House is located on a cul-de-sac, so residents won't worry about congesting the road.

While Hill House's immediate location is a quiet neighbourhood, it's just one road away from River Valley Road, a major thoroughfare which connects residents to Clarke Quay and the CBD.

hill house location map

Amenities near Hill House

Hill House's location is very convenient as it's less than a 5-minute drive to the Orchard Road shopping belt and Robertson Quay, which means it gets the best of both worlds. Residents can walk to major malls like Orchard Central, 313@Somerset and The Centrepoint within 10-15 minutes. Nearer to home, the Killiney area is a 7-minute walk and has plenty of F&B outlets. Robertson Walk, UE Square, Mohamed Sultan Road and the eateries along Robertson are all within a 10-minute walk from Hill House. Other malls like Great World, Funan and Raffles City are within a 5-minute drive.

There's a 24-hour supermarket, FairPrice Orchard Grand Court, just an 8-minute walk away for daily necessities and grocery shopping.

Fort Canning MRT station

Public transport near Hill House

For Hill House's residents who take public transport, Fort Canning (DTL) is the nearest MRT station and is a 9-minute walk away. They can conveniently take the DTL to get to the CBD, Marina Bay and the eastern and western parts of Singapore.

Hill House is also a 12-minute walk to Somerset MRT station on the NSL and a 15-minute walk to Great World MRT station on the TEL.

If you feel like the walk to the MRT stations is a little far, there's also a bus stop along River Valley Road (2-minute walk away) with bus services 32, 54, 139 and 195.

Schools near Hill House

While families are not the main target demographic of Hill House, there might be a couple of them interested in the 3-bedroom units. Investors might also rent out the space to expat families.

River Valley Primary is within a 1km radius for those participating in the primary school balloting exercise. Popular schools like St. Margaret’s Primary, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), Alexandra Primary and Zhangde Primary are within a 2km radius.

Several international schools are also within a short drive from Hill House - ISS International School, EtonHouse International School Orchard, Dynamics International School and Furen International School.

Residents with even younger children can consider some pre-schools nearby, like Superland Pre-School (River Valley), Primus Schoolhouse River Valley, MindChamps PreSchool (River Valley) and EtonHouse Pre-School Robertson Walk.

Nature parks near Hill House

The nearest park to Hill House is Fort Canning Park, a 10-minute walk away. Residents can walk to the park's top to get excellent city views or have a picnic with their loved ones. There are also several themed gardens, historical artefacts, and F&B spots.

Fort Canning Park gate

Residents are also a 10-minute walk from the park connector at Robertson Quay. From there, they can walk or cycle along the Singapore River to get to Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Gardens by the Bay.

Overall, Hill House might be located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but with just a short walk or drive, residents can enjoy the convenience of public transport, shopping malls and plenty of F&B outlets. Residents can enjoy some serenity while getting the best of what the city has to offer.

Price analysis of Hill House and comparisons

The indicative pricing for Hill House is as follows:

hill house price guide

Data source: Hill House indicative price guide

Based on the indicative price guide released by Hill House, the estimated price psf starts from S$2,785 to S$2,995. We'd take the indicative average price psf of Hill House to be around S$2,905.

If you want to get the latest project updates for Hill House, click on "Enquire Now" to book your showflat viewing. There will be a 10% VIP Preview Discount for buyers on the first day of its sales launch.

Comparison of Hill House's prices and new launches nearby (by average S$psf)


Average Price PSF (S$)

No. of units



Unit types (br)

Hill House

2,905 (est.)



999 years


Canninghill Piers




99 years

1, 2, 3, 4, 5





99 years

1, 2, 3, 4

The Iveria






The Avenir





1, 2, 3, 4

Irwell Hill Residences




99 years

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

RV Altitude






Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co

Compared to new launches nearby, Hill House's average psf prices are the third-highest after The Avenir and Canninghill Piers. This is understandable as Hill House is launching more than two years after most of the other developments, except for Canninghill Piers and Irwell Hill Residences, both of which launched in 2021.

rising prices of property in singapore from 2020 to 2022

Since the pandemic in 2020, the average psf prices of properties in the CCR, RCR and OCR have increased by 12.68%, 11.91% and 13.18%, respectively. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused prices of raw materials, labour and other construction-related factors to increase, which might explain the rising prices of developments.

If you compare Hill House with two other boutique launches, The Iveria (also by Macly Group) and RV Altitude, you'll find that Hill House's average psf prices are around 8% to 13% higher than these projects. This is in line with the increase in property prices in Singapore.

Let's look at The Avenir and Canninghill Piers to see why they are priced at a higher premium.

the avenir facade artist impression

Artist's impression of The Avenir

The Avenir might be priced at a premium as it is an ultra-luxury development with larger-than-average units, some with private lifts. It's also conveniently located beside River Valley Primary School and within minutes' walk to Great World MRT station and shopping mall. It was also the second-highest en bloc transaction when it was sold, at S$980 million.

canninghill piers showflat model

Canninghill Piers showflat

Canninghill Piers is an integrated and mixed-use development linked to Fort Canning MRT station. Integrated developments are usually sold at a higher premium due to their convenience, so Canninghill Piers' prices make sense.

new condo sales in the CCR

Average prices of new condo sales in the CCR

Compared to the average prices of new condo sales in the CCR over the past year, it seems that Hill House's prices are on par.

Comparison of Hill House and enchanté

As Hill House and enchanté are the only two new launches in the CCR this year, we'll be doing a comparison.


Average Price PSF (S$)

No. of units



Unit types (br)

Hill House

2,905 (est)



999 years








Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co

Both Hill House and enchanté are boutique condominiums with less than 100 units. They are both located in a neighbourhood of private condominiums. However, their locational attributes are different and they appeal to different demographics.

While Hill House is in District 9 near Orchard and Robertson Quay, enchanté is located in the Novena/Newton area, near Newton MRT and the Novena Healthcare City.

prices of condos in river valley and novena

Average prices of condos in River Valley and Novena

Based on this graph, the average prices of condos in River Valley are generally higher than those in Novena. This might explain why Hill House has a higher premium than enchanté.

Ultimately, their target demographics are different. Based on the unit types offered in each development, Hill House caters mainly to singles and young couples, while enchanté caters to larger and multi-generational families.

Comparison of Hill House's 1 and 2-bedroom prices with new launches nearby

As Hill House's predominant units are 1 and 2-bedroom apartments, we'll look at how its quantum compares to other new launches nearby.


1-Bedroom Prices (S$)

2-Bedroom Prices (S$)

Hill House

from 1.291m (431 sq ft)

from 1.778m (624 sq ft)

Canninghill Piers

1.16m - 1.75m (409-549 sq ft)

2.256m - 2.542m (807-861 sq ft)


1.428m - 1.85m (560 sq ft)

1.995m - 2.728m (818-840 sq ft)

The Avenir

1.472m - 1.88m (527-538 sq ft)

2.311m - 2.836m (807-829 sq ft)

Irwell Hill Residences

998k - 1.501m (398-506 sq ft)

1.592m - 1.873m (603-678 sq ft)

RV Altitude


1.247m - 1.93m (441-635 sq ft)

Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co

If you're looking at quantum alone, Hill House's starting prices for its 1 and 2-bedroom units are comparably more affordable than most other new launches nearby. This is because the sizes of its units are generally more compact than the others, except for some unit types in Irwell Hill Residences and RV Altitude. For instance, Canninghill Piers, The Avenir and Riviere's 2-bedroom units are at least 800 sq ft while Hill House's is 624 sq ft.

Hence, if you're looking at a range of around S$1.3m to S$1.4m for a 1-bedder and S$1.8m to S$1.9m for a 2-bedder in the River Valley area, Hill House is suitable for you.

Appreciation value analysis

1. URA Masterplan in nearby Orchard and Clarke Quay

orchard green transformation

Image source: URA

As Hill House is located near Orchard and Clarke Quay, residents can benefit from future developments in both areas. Based on the URA Masterplan, the Orchard Road shopping belt will be rejuvenated into a lush urban corridor for shopping and lifestyle. Orchard will be part of a 6km green corridor linking the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Istana, Fort Canning Park and the Singapore River.

Besides that, Dhoby Ghaut Green (outside Dhoby Ghaut MRT) will also be enhanced with an inclusive playground for kids, water features and other facilities.

Riverside view of clarke quay at night

Clarke Quay will also undergo a S$62 million revamp to inject life into the precinct. Beyond just nightlife options, the area will see more retail offerings and breakfast and lunch options. This will add more retail and F&B options for residents of Hill House, in addition to the ones at Robertson Quay. Furthermore, when Canninghill Piers and Canninghill Square are completed, the Singapore River district will also see more activity.

As Hill House is only a 10-minute walk to Clarke Quay and Canninghill Piers, this will be a draw for buyers looking for convenience and ultimately boost Hill House's appreciation value.

2. Strategic location and unblocked views

ura masterplan near hill house

Two things that'll keep Hill House's value competitive are its strategic location and unblocked views. According to the URA masterplan, the area around Hill House mostly comprises private residential buildings. However, few of these are located on a hill or have good views.

Half of the units at Hill House will be able to enjoy the unblocked views of the Killiney/Orchard area for many years to come. That's because most of the sites in Killiney have a gross plot ratio of 1.4, with a maximum height of five storeys. Hence, there will always be interest from buyers who look for good views in the area.

Furthermore, Hill House's residents can enjoy being within walking distance of three MRT stations - Fort Canning, Somerset and Great World. The development is located in an area in River Valley near enough to Orchard without buyers having to pay the premium of living in Orchard.

prices of condos in river valley and orchard

If you look at the graph above, the average psf prices of condos in River Valley and Orchard have widened in recent years. Average psf prices of condos in River Valley are around 25% lower than those in Orchard, which is over S$3,400.

Hence, Hill House's selling point is that future homebuyers can enjoy proximity to Orchard without paying a high premium.


Hill House is one of two new launches in the CCR in a year where most new launches are in the RCR and OCR. As prices of new launches in the RCR and OCR continue to go above S$2,000 psf, some buyers might find a home in the CCR appealing.

With Hill House located near Orchard, Robertson Quay, Clarke Quay and the CBD, future residents will have a range of malls, F&B outlets and amenities within a short walk away. However, its location on a hill also allows residents to get some respite from the bustling city. With predominantly 1 and 2-bedroom units, it's clear that Hill House is targeting younger millennials who value convenience yet want to live in a relatively quiet environment.

But beyond that, Hill House also seems to understand the profile of these buyers. This is reflected in its curation of design and fittings in each unit and a subtle luxury that resonates with younger buyers. There's also a nature and wellness theme across Hill House's facilities, which the younger generation appreciates.

With the booming travel industry post-Covid, Hill House is also attractive to buyers looking for rental investment as its units are compact and relatively affordable compared to new launches nearby.

If this development interests you, the good news is that Hill House is now open for previews! Click "Enquire Now" to find out more about the project and secure your showflat viewing.

Book a showflat viewing now and get the latest information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hill House's price?

Indicative prices for Hill House start from S$1.291m for a 1-bedroom unit (431 sq ft), from S$1.351m for a 1+1 bedroom unit (452 sq ft), from S$1.778m for a 2-bedroom unit (624 sq ft) and S$2.097m for a 3-bedroom unit (753 sq ft). Average psf prices for Hill House range from S$2,785 to S$2,995.

Where is Hill House's showflat and how can I book a viewing?

Hill House's showflat is located at 130, King's Road, Singapore 268166, next to the Catholic Church of St. Ignatius. Click "Enquire Now" to book a showflat viewing.

Is Hill House a good investment?

Hill House is a good investment for young millennials in their late-20s and early 30s who are looking for a home in the CCR. With its predominant types being 1 and 2-bedroom units, Hill House is also great for investors looking to rent out their units for passive income.

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