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The Botany At Dairy Farm Review

Views of nature and nearby landed estate, with prices from S$998,000

27 Feb 2023 · 26 min read · by Faruq Senin


The Botany At Dairy Farm

Sale PSF Range

From $1,871 psf (indicative)


D23 - Bukit Batok / Bukit Panjang / Choa Chu Kang

Nearest MRT

Hillview MRT

No. of units


TOP date



99 Years

by Sim Lian JV (Dairy Farm) Pte Ltd

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At a glance


  • Located in an enclave of private condos and landed houses
  • Near to nature and greenery at Dairy Farm Nature Park, Chestnut Nature Park and more
  • Less than 10-minute walk to Hillview MRT on the Downtown line (DTL)

Unit Mix

Total: 386

  • 1-Bedroom + Study: 36
  • 2-Bedroom: 34
  • 2-Bedroom Premium: 36
  • 2-Bedroom + Study: 34
  • 3-Bedroom: 46
  • 3-Bedroom Premium: 61
  • 3-Bedroom Flexi: 40
  • 3-Bedroom + Study: 28
  • 4-Bedroom: 57
  • 5-Bedroom: 14

Unit Layout

  • 1 and 2-bedroom units have efficient dumbbell layouts
  • Several 3-bedroom units come with flexi spaces which allow residents to design it into any room they fancy
  • Bigger unit types mostly come with a foyer space, which might not suit all buyers


  • 1-Bedroom + Study: from S$998,000
  • 2-Bedroom: from S$1.2 million
  • 3-Bedroom: from S$1.73 million
  • 4-Bedroom: from S$2.39 million
  • 5-Bedroom: from S$2.88 million
  • Estimated starting psf price of S$1,871 is lower compared to recent new launches

Appreciation value

  • Development of Dairy Farm estate into a private condo enclave is expected to boost The Botany's value
  • Proximity to a few primary schools and the German European School Singapore will strengthen the value of The Botany


  • Five pools for 386 units including a 50m lap pool, a family pool and a wellness pool which is elevated
  • Most facilities are family-centric and complement the nature and greenery of the surrounding areas

Singapore's western region is seeing a resurgence of new launch condos this year and The Botany At Dairy Farm* is a project that would appeal especially to those in Bukit Panjang and Bukit Batok.

The Botany is also situated in the Dairy Farm area, which is undergoing exciting developments. The last new launch, Dairy Farm Residences, is a mixed-use project with a mall. It's the first mall in the area and will bring more convenience to residents. With a couple of sites reserved for residential projects in the coming years, the area is shaping up to be an enclave of private housing (something like Lentor).

the botany at dairy farm showflat

One of The Botany's major highlights is its proximity to greenery and nature as it's near Dairy Farm Nature Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Chestnut Nature Park. In fact, many units on the higher floors will enjoy a view of the nature reserves and the neighbouring Chestnut landed estate. Unsurprisingly, its unit mix of mainly 2, 3 and 4-bedroom units as well as its layouts and facilities are targeted at families.

With a land price of S$980 psf, many agents are labelling The Botany At Dairy Farm as one of the most affordable new launches, with indicative starting prices of around S$1,871 to S$1,990 psf.

Read on for our review of The Botany At Dairy Farm where we analyse its floor plans, unit layouts, prices, stack analysis and more.

(*We'll be using "The Botany At Dairy Farm" and "The Botany" interchangeably throughout this review.)

Review of unit layouts at The Botany At Dairy Farm

The Botany At Dairy Farm Showflat: 3-Bedroom Flexi (C6F) - 1033 sq ft (96 sqm)

No. of units:

  • 40

Who is it suited for:

  • Mid-sized families with two or three children
  • Mid-sized families with a helper
the botany 3 bedroom flexi floor plan type C6F

We'll start with the 3-Bedroom Flexi showflat as 3-Bedroom units are the predominant unit types at The Botany, making up 45% of all unit types. There are seven 3-Bedroom unit layouts ranging from 883 sq ft to 1,281 sq ft, which means that there's a good mix of layouts to cater to different family sizes and their needs. There are four stacks of 3-Bedroom Flexi units at The Botany.

Entrance has a long foyer

the botany 3 bedroom flexi foyer

As you enter the unit, there's a long foyer which greets you where a storage cabinet is provided, great for storing shoes and hiding the distribution box (DB). This is a provision across all units at The Botany. There's also additional space for more storage or for placing an ornament table like what the ID has done.

Although a foyer is good for extra storage and welcoming guests, some buyers might see it as wasted space. Most 3-bedroom unit layouts at The Botany have a long foyer except the C5 and C7 unit types.

Enclosed kitchen with yard

the botany 3 bedroom flexi kitchen

All 3-bedroom units come with an enclosed kitchen and a yard, suitable for bigger families who might need the extra space. For those with helpers, having a yard also gives them ample space to do laundry or ironing. The yard is also connected to the Flexi room, which we'll talk more about below.

the botany 3 bedroom flexi kitchen

All the kitchen appliances are by Electrolux and you'll get the standard provisions like a fridge, a built-in oven and a washer-dryer. There's also a gas cooker hob and cooker hood, perfect for 3-bedroom households which might cook more often.

the botany 3 bedroom flexi kitchen

The list of provisions includes a dish rack above the kitchen sink. It's a convenient addition, and we've only seen it in a few new launches.

Another interesting feature is a glass window behind the sink. While glass panels are common for the kitchen in new launches, this is the first time we've seen a glass window. Not only does this bring more light into the kitchen, but it's practical as you can easily place your used plates into the sink from the dining area without having to walk to the kitchen.

However, it might be a little awkward if you have guests over and you need to do some washing. It would have made more sense if the glass window was behind an empty countertop and the sink was on the right instead. This way, it would feel a little like a "dry kitchen", and you can still entertain your guests while preparing food in the kitchen.

If you don't fancy the glass window, you can also wall up the kitchen at your own expense.

Living and dining areas and balcony

the botany 3 bedroom flexi dining area

The dining area can fit a six-seater table, which is what you might expect from a 3-bedder. However, one thing to note is that the ID has installed a built-in sofa on one side of the dining table (against the kitchen wall), which saves space.

However, most households would have a conventional dining table and chairs, which means you'll need more space between the kitchen wall and the table. Hence, you'd have to consider an appropriate size for your dining table. If your family is smaller, perhaps having a four-seater or an extendable table might be a better option so you'd have more walkway space.

the botany 3 bedroom flexi dining areathe botany 3 bedroom flexi living room

A three or four-seater sofa will fit nicely in the living area, enough for a family of four or five. If you need more space, perhaps you can get an L-shaped sofa or have an additional armchair.

the botany 3 bedroom flexi balcony

The balcony is decently sized and can be an area for additional seating, a home gym or a work-from-home corner. What's great is that two stacks will face outwards. One has a view of Dairy Farm Nature Park, while the other has a view of the Chestnut landed housing estate.

Flexi room can be converted into any room to fit your needs

the botany 3 bedroom flexi room

The Flexi room is one of the highlights of this showflat unit. As its name suggests, it gives buyers as much flexibility as possible, depending on their needs at any stage. While most projects might have a study area, a flexi room allows buyers more freedom to do whatever they want with the additional space. We've also seen this concept in several new launches like Lentor Modern and Baywind Residences.

the botany 3 bedroom flexi room

In the showflat, there's a 100mm glass wall separating the flexi room and the corridor. What's great is that buyers can opt to remove it. This will be perfect if you want an open-concept study area or a larger communal space which connects to the living and dining areas.

the botany 3 bedroom flexi room connects to yard and kitchen

As mentioned, the flexi room is also connected to the kitchen yard, and a foldable door will be provided. So, it will be convenient as a helper's room as they can easily head to the yard and kitchen to do their household chores. The flexi room is about 43 sq ft (4sqm), so it's possible to fit a single bed.

Master bedroom and common bedrooms

the botany 3 bedroom flexi master bedroom

The master bedroom is the average size for 3-bedders; there's sufficient walkway space around the king-sized bed. However, we would have loved it if there had been more space for a dressing table beside or in front of the bed.

the botany 3 bedroom master bedroom

You could install some shelves or a mini dresser area in front of the bed like what the ID has done in the showflat (pictured above).

the botany 3 bedroom flexi master bedroom wardrobe side panel

All master bedrooms at The Botany also come with a side wardrobe panel with a full-length mirror where you can store smaller items like belts, jewellery and make-up items. Since there won't be sufficient space for a dressing table, this is a practical provision to store your items. We would love to have seen more provisions in the wardrobe though, like an accessories drawer.

the botany 3 bedroom flexi master bedroom

One thing to note is that the master bedroom wardrobes are not equipped with built-in LED lights. So buyers will need to install their own lights if they wish to have them.

the botany 3 bedroom flexi master bathroom

As for the master bathroom, we like that it comes with a window with frosted glass. This is great for natural ventilation, and at the same time, you don't have to install blinds for privacy.

The other provisions in the master bathroom are pretty standard such as the rain shower, vanity mirror cabinet and quartz countertop.

the botany 3 bedroom flexi common bedroom the botany 3 bedroom flexi common bedroom

The common bedrooms are 97 sq ft (9 sqm) each, and both are able to fit a queen-sized bed. Both bedrooms also come with full-length windows, which means you'll get plenty of natural light during the day. One thing to note is that you can't hack down the walls of the bedrooms as they are built using PPVC.

the botany 3 bedroom flexi shared bathroom

Both common bedrooms will share one bathroom. A plus point of the shared bathroom is the top-hung windows above the vanity mirror cabinet, which is great for natural ventilation. Hence, it won't get so stuffy, and moisture won't be trapped in the bathroom. We've rarely seen top-hung windows for shared bathrooms, so it's a pleasant surprise.

The Botany At Dairy Farm Showflat: 4-Bedroom (D2) - 1,292 sq ft (120 sqm)

No. of units:

  • 57

Who is it suited for:

  • Larger families with three or four children
the botany 4 bedroom floor plan

4-Bedroom units make up 15% of all the units at The Botany, and the showflat unit is the larger of two unit types, at 1,292 sq ft. There are three stacks of the type D2 4-Bedroom units. The other 4-Bedroom unit, type D1, is 1,270 sq ft.

Dry and wet kitchen concept

the botany 4 bedroom dry kitchen

The 4-Bedroom showflat unit does not have a huge foyer space, so once you enter the unit, you'll be able to see the dry kitchen, living and dining areas. The dry kitchen is decently sized with sufficient cabinets and counter space. There's also a two-door fridge here instead of in the wet kitchen.

the botany 4 bedroom dry kitchen

As 4-Bedroom households are larger, this could serve as an additional dining space for family members. If you have guests over, the dry kitchen will be perfect for serving drinks and light bites as you can still entertain your guests while still preparing some food. We'd loved to have seen more provisions in the dry kitchen, though, like an oven or a wine chiller.

the botany 4 bedroom wet kitchen

The wet kitchen has an efficient L-shaped layout, which makes it easy to move around between the sink and the cooking area. Thanks to the glass partition wall, there's plenty of light in the kitchen. A bonus provision in the kitchen is the dish racks which are more sizeable than the 3-bedder and have more space for plates and utensils. Other standard provisions are the built-in oven and gas cooker hob, and cooker hood.

the botany 4 bedroom kitchen coffee area

There's also this small countertop area which can be turned into a coffee-making corner. There's a power point here, so you might also want to place other appliances here, like a microwave oven or a mixer.

the botany 4 bedroom kitchen yard

There's also a yard attached to the kitchen, which has the household shelter, WC and washer-dryer. There's enough space to hang some clothes here on those days when you're not making use of the dryer. You or your helper can also use this space to do some ironing.

5.5m width in the living and dining areas

the botany 4 bedroom living room

For the 4-Bedroom units, the developers have created a landscape concept in the living and dining areas, which spans the width of the balcony. According to the developers, they took a lot of feedback from buyers and agents and found out that homeowners for this unit type value their sense of space. The width of the living and dining areas is about 5.5m, so residents can enjoy as much natural lighting inside the house as possible.

the botany 4 bedroom dining room

The dining area can comfortably fit an eight-seater table which is more than enough for the number of people expected in the household. The living area is not too shabby either, with sufficient space for a four-seater sofa.

The typical ceiling height for all units at The Botany is about 2.81m, but top-floor units will enjoy a high ceiling of around 5m.

the botany 4 bedroom balcony

Thanks to the 5.5m width, the balcony in the 4-Bedroom unit has a generous amount of space. In fact, you might even consider placing the dining table here in order to have a larger living room. What's more, some units will face Dairy Farm Nature Park, so you'll get to enjoy lots of greenery.

Master bedroom and common bedrooms

the botany 4 bedroom master bedroomthe botany 4 bedroom master bedroom

The master bedroom in the 4-bedder is quite spacious; it can fit a king-sized bed along with a dressing table beside it. There's ample walkway space around the bed and in front of the dresser. This could be enough space to do yoga or other exercises in the master bedroom.

There's also considerable length from the back of the bed to the wall in front of it, which is perfect if you plan to have a TV in the master bedroom.

the botany 4 bedroom master bedroom wardrobe

One thing that stands out in the master bedroom is the "wardrobe corridor" just outside the master bathroom. While this is no walk-in wardrobe, having a wardrobe on each side of the bathroom entrance creates a "his and hers" concept, so couples can have their personal space while getting ready.

the botany 4 bedroom master bathroomthe botany 4 bedroom master bathroom

Similarly, in the master bathroom, the sink and shower areas are also on opposite sides. Hence, couples can be in the bathroom simultaneously and go about their morning routine without disrupting each other.

Here, you can expect the typical provisions such as the rain shower, vanity mirror cabinet and a window with frosted glass.

the botany 4 bedroom common bedroom the botany 4 bedroom common bedroom

As for the common bedrooms, two of them are 97 sq ft (9 sqm), while one is slightly smaller, 86 sq ft (8 sqm). All three bedrooms can accommodate up to a queen-sized bed, but by doing so, you might have less room to move around.

the botany 4 bedroom shared bathroom

One thing to note is that three bedrooms will be sharing one bathroom. Alternatively, the WC in the yard also comes with a shower.

We would have loved it if two common bedrooms were connected to the shared bathroom as this would make it great for multi-generational families, especially those who live with seniors. In this case, the 5-Bedroom units would be better for multi-generational families as they have a junior master bedroom.

The Botany At Dairy Farm Showflat: 2-Bedroom + Study (B3S) - 743 sq ft (69 sqm)

No. of units:

  • 34

Who is it suited for:

  • Young couples
  • Small family with one child
  • Tenants
the botany 2 bedroom plus study floor plan

2-bedders make up 27% of all the units at The Botany, and there are three unit types. The showflat unit, type B3S is the largest 2-Bedroom layout and the only one with a study.

Dumbbell layout

the botany 2 bedroom study living roomthe botany 2 bedroom study dining room

All 2-Bedroom units have a dumbbell layout, which is popular across many new launches today. The efficient layout attracts both homeowners and investors. For small families, the parents and their child can have their own personal space as both bedrooms are on opposite sides of the unit. For investors, they can choose to rent out the whole unit to two tenants or just rent out one bedroom to a tenant while still occupying the master bedroom.

Semi-enclosed kitchen

the botany 2 bedroom study kitchen

All 2-Bedroom units at The Botany have a semi-enclosed kitchen. When you enter the unit, the kitchen is tucked away on the right side of the entrance. This way, it's not exposed to the living and dining areas. This is great for buyers who prefer a dedicated space for preparing meals.

However, do note that the kitchen does come with a door, so you'd have to install your own if you want a fully enclosed kitchen.

Open-concept study area

the botany 2 bedroom study room

The study area is open-concept, and it's situated outside the common bedroom. For families, this arrangement isn't an issue, but for tenants, this space only makes sense for the one in the common bedroom. Alternatively, if only one person needs to use the study area, you can consider building a wall so you'll have a bigger common bedroom.

Stack analysis and facilities review of The Botany At Dairy Farm

The Botany At Dairy Farm Stack Analysis

The Botany has 32 stacks across five blocks - 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. Block 3 has 15 storeys, block 5 has nine storeys, block 7 has 13 storeys, while both blocks 9 and 11 have 14 storeys. Blocks 3, 5 and 7 have eight units sharing two lifts while blocks 9 and 11 have four units sharing two lifts.

Views from the stacks

the botany at dairy farm stack analysis

North-facing stacks

In terms of views, the north-facing stacks 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 31 and 32 will face future low-rise housing just opposite and the Chestnut Ave Good Class Bungalow area (GCBA) beyond that.

the botany at dairy farm ura masterplan

Based on the URA masterplan, the area opposite The Botany towards the north is reserved for two future residential projects and a school. While no government land sales (GLS) have been announced yet, the good news is that both residential sites have a gross plot ratio of 1.4, which means that they can only have a maximum of five storeys.

the botany at dairy farm artist impression of chestnut ave

Artist's impression of the Chestnut Ave GCBA from a unit at The Botany At Dairy Farm

Hence, the higher floors at The Botany will be able to enjoy unblocked views of the Chestnut Ave GCBA, as depicted in the artist's impression above.

South-facing stacks

the botany at dairy farm view of bukit timah

View from south-facing stacks at The Botany (Note: This image was taken from a higher elevation than the height of The Botany)

The higher floors of the south-facing stacks 19, 20, 21, 22, 25 and 26 will face the German European School Singapore (GESS), Dairy Farm Nature Reserve and Bukit Timah Hill. Unfortunately, as GESS has six storeys, the lower floors will face the school instead.

Sun direction analysis

the botany at dairy farm sun direction analysis

One plus point of The Botany is that the arrangement of its blocks is almost in a north-south orientation. Only blocks 9 and 11 are slightly facing northwest. Hence, all the stacks are able to avoid the direct afternoon sun. The north-facing stacks might get some indirect afternoon sun from March to September, while south-facing stacks might get some indirect afternoon sun from September to March.

With a north-south orientation, The Botany's units will be well-ventilated and breezy as it's in line with the wind direction.


The Botany At Dairy Farm Site Plan

the botany at dairy farm site plan

One of The Botany At Dairy Farm's highlights is its proximity to nature reserves. This is reflected in the project's landscaping, where there's lush greenery, and there are five pools which complement nature. The developers have tried to "bring the outside in" and incorporate the surrounding environment into the project.

Five pools set across a split-level landscape

the botany at dairy artist impression

Artist's impression of the landscape at The Botany At Dairy Farm

A highlight of The Botany is that they have five pools for just 386 units, a 50m lap pool, a kids pool, a family pool, a wellness pool and a water jet pool. These cater to different demographics, so there's a lower possibility of the pools getting too congested. However, as the development is mainly family-centric, we do expect the family and kids pool to be a little crowded on weekends or during the school holidays.

the botany at dairy farm facilities

The pools are also spread across the development through a split-level landscape, possibly inspired by the terrain of the surrounding nature parks. Not many developments are able to offer such a landscape, and it gives off a resort-like vibe for future residents.

the botany at dairy farm landscape

The 50m lap pool and water jet pool are on the lower level, while the wellness pool, family pool and kids pool are on the higher level, with almost a one-storey difference. The wellness pool resembles an infinity pool as it's on higher ground, and residents can relax while overlooking the other pools on the lower level.

Clubhouse with a co-working space and gym

the botany clubhouse the botany at dairy farm facilities

The clubhouse is also located on the higher level, and it houses a gym, a co-working space and dining lounges. From the clubhouse, you'll get a commanding view of the whole development. It's definitely a feast for the eyes.

the botany at dairy farm tennis court

Beside the clubhouse, you'll find a full-sized tennis court.

Quiet zone for the 50m lap pool

the botany 50m lap pool

The developers intentionally placed the 50m lap pool in a quieter part of the development. This way, serious swimmers can use the pool without any disruptions since the family, and kids' pools are all the way on the other side.

the botany site plan

Here's where the developers have also created an "exclusive zone" for the more premium units. Blocks 9 and 11 only have the 3-Bedroom Premium, 3-Bedroom + Study, 4-Bedroom and 5-Bedroom units.

Facilities dedicated to family bonding

With a majority of units targeted at families, the developers also created a lot of facilities catering to family gatherings and interactions for family bonding.

botany gourmet dining at the botany at dairy farm botany gourmet dining room artist impression

One of the family-friendly facilities is the Botany Gourmet Dining which is a dining pavilion where you can hold parties and gatherings. It comes with an impressive high ceiling as well as a kitchen countertop with a sink and basic appliances. This way, you can hire a private chef for your gatherings.

The family deck and water jet pool are also adjacent to the Botany Gourmet Dining, so if you're having guests over, they can take a dip in the pool.

There are also kid-friendly facilities nearby, like a trampoline, a rock-climbing wall and a playground. While the adults enjoy having a meal, their kids can have fun at these facilities.

The Botany At Dairy Farm location review

Neighbourhood around The Botany At Dairy Farm

As The Botany's showflat is located along Dairy Farm Walk (not far from the actual site), you can experience the neighbourhood first-hand.

neighbourhood the botany at dairy farm

Area around The Botany At Dairy Farm

Currently, the Dairy Farm area is still pretty quiet, with very few developments like Skywoods and the upcoming Dairy Farm Residences, as well as the GESS International School. In future, we can expect the area to shape up into a private condo enclave as there are around 5 sites that are reserved for residential developments.

If the new launches are under construction when The Botany TOPs in 2027, there might be a little inconvenience to residents in terms of noise and dust.

Convenience and accessibility

The main draw of living at The Botany is its all-round greenery. To the south are Dairy Farm Nature Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and to the east is Chestnut Nature Park. This could be attractive for buyers who want to live near greenery and enjoy an active lifestyle of hiking and cycling.

Construction of Dairy Farm Residences

Construction of Dairy Farm Residences (TOP: 2024). The Dairy Farm Mall connected to the project is expected to TOP this year.

An exciting development in the area is Dairy Farm Mall which is expected to TOP this year. It's just across the road from The Botany, and there's a side entrance as well. The mall will be the first in the Dairy Farm area, and there will be around 40,000 sq ft of commercial space across two floors. There will be a FairPrice Finest, a food court, a childcare centre and F&B outlets, which will make it very convenient for future residents.

the botany location map

Hillview MRT is less than a 10-minute walk from The Botany, and Beauty World MRT is just one stop away. The latter has a slew of F&B options and hangout spots like the eateries at Cheong Chin Nam Road and the Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre. It's also undergoing rejuvenation with the Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub. Other malls and food spots within a 5 to 10-minute drive are HillV2, The Rail Mall, Hillion Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza and Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre & Market.

For drivers, The Botany is also well-connected to the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE), and they can get to Stevens Road in about 8 minutes (non-peak hours). From there, getting to Orchard and the city centre will be easy.

Schools near The Botany At Dairy Farm

schools near the botany at dairy farm

For those participating in the primary school balloting exercise, there are currently two schools within a 1km radius of The Botany, CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace and Bukit Panjang Primary School. Within a 2km radius, there's Zhenghua Primary and Beacon Primary. There's a site reserved for a future school opposite The Botany. Although no plans have been announced yet, we predict that it'll be a primary school to cater to the upcoming residential developments in the area.

Price analysis and comparisons

Here are the indicative prices for The Botany At Dairy Farm:

the botany at dairy farm price

Data source: Sim Lian Group

Prices for The Botany At Dairy Farm start from S$998,000 based on indicative price guides. While its starting psf prices for the various units start from S$1,871 to S$1,990, it's most likely that the average psf prices will go over S$2,000.

Based on the transaction data of new sales from URA, Realis and 99.co, here are the average prices of 99-year 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom units in the OCR in 2023 so far:

  • 1-bedroom: S$1,098,333
  • 2-bedroom: S$1,530,096
  • 3-bedroom: S$1,966,913
  • 4-bedroom: S$2,741,192
  • 5-bedroom: S$3,095,125 (less than 10 transactions)

Hence, it seems that The Botany At Dairy Farm's prices could be in line with the current prices in the OCR or possibly lower.

Average prices of new launches in District 23 (based on transactions in the past year)


Average Price PSF (S$)

No. of units



Unit types

The Botany At Dairy Farm

From 1,871



99 years

1,2,3,4,5 br

Dairy Farm Residences




99 years

2,3,4 br





99 years

1,2,3,4 br

Bukit 828





2,3,4 br

Phoenix Residences




99 years

1,2,3 br

Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co

The last project to launch in District 23 was Phoenix Residences in December 2020, followed by Dairy Farm Residences in November 2019, Midwood in October 2019 and Bukit 828 in 2018.

The Botany's indicative starting psf price is about 10-18% higher than the average prices of the rest. However, this is reasonable considering that it's the first new launch in the district in more than two years. Furthermore, the average psf price of new sales in the OCR has increased by over 36%. Plus, the other projects are also fully sold, so The Botany will fill the supply gap of new launches in the district.

Recent new launches in the OCR

prices of new sale transactions in OCR in 2023

Average psf prices of new sale transactions in OCR

Based on the latest new sale transactions in 2023 so far, average psf prices in the OCR are S$2,081.

2022 was the first time the average psf prices for new launches in the OCR went over S$2,000. Here are the average psf prices of new launches in Q1 of 2023 and the second half of 2022:

  • Sceneca Residence (launched Jan 2023) - S$2,098 psf [mixed-used development, 99-year, OCR]
  • Lentor Modern (launched Sep 2022) - S$2,125 psf [integrated development, 99-year, OCR]
  • Sky Eden@Bedok (launched Aug 2022) - S$2,111 psf [mixed-use development, 99-year, OCR]
  • AMO Residence (launched Jul 2022) - S$2,113 psf [residential, 99-year, OCR]

Based on the average psf prices of new launches in the OCR, it seems that The Botany's buyers might be able to enjoy lower prices. What's more, like these projects, The Botany is also within walking distance of an MRT station.

Due to the low supply of new launches in the OCR, these projects also saw healthy sales of 60% to 84% during their launch weekend.

Upcoming new launches in District 23

The Botany is the first new launch in District 23 and the northwest region this year. Other projects expected to launch this year are The Arden and The Myst. Here's a quick comparison of the three projects.

new launches in district 23

The Arden was supposed to launch in Q1 of 2022, but it has been delayed and is expected to launch later this year. Based on the land prices of The Arden and The Myst, it seems that the two projects could also be competitively priced. However, their pricing strategies will also depend on the success of The Botany.

Besides these, there are also other upcoming new launches in the west:

Average prices of resale condos in the Dairy Farm area

If you're a family who is looking to upgrade to a condo, you might also be considering some of the newer resale projects in the Dairy Farm area. We've compiled the average prices of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom units of resale condos in the area.


2-Bedroom (S$)

3-Bedroom (S$)

4-Bedroom (S$)

The Botany At Dairy Farm (TOP: 2027)

From 1.2m

From 1.73m

From 2.39m

Dairy Farm Residences (TOP: 2024)

1.186m - 1.35m

1.439m - 1.85m

1.874m - 2.15m (based on past 5y, no transactions in past 1y)

The Skywoods (TOP: 2016)

925k - 1.188m

1.28m - 1.78m

1.61m - 1.835m

Eco Sanctuary (TOP: 2016)

900k - 1.49m

1.019m - 1.63m

1.8m - 2.35m

Foresque Residences (TOP: 2015)

891.5k - 985k

1.428m - 1.87m

2.5m (based on 1 transaction)

Tree House (TOP: 2013)

860k - 1.6m

1.568m - 2.089m

2.135m (based on 1 transaction)

URA, Realis, 99.co

Average rent prices in Bukit Panjang

As The Botany is located near GESS, it will be an attractive location for expatriate families whose children attend the school and staff who are working there. Hence, investors looking at rental opportunities will also be able to capitalise on this. Here's a look at the rental yield of condos in Bukit Panjang over the past year.

psf price for rental in bukit panjang

Based on the latest figures in January 2023, the average psf prices of rental transactions in Bukit Panjang were S$4.94 for 1-bedroom units, S$4.41 for 2-bedroom units, S$3.31 for 3-bedroom units, S$3.68 for 4-bedroom units and S$3.50 for 5-bedroom units (only 1 transaction).

average price of rental in bukit panjang

In terms of average prices of rental transactions in Bukit Panjang in January 2023, it was S$3,320 for 1-bedroom units, S$3,468 for 2-bedroom units, S$4,558 for 3-bedroom units, S$5,433 for 4-bedroom units and S$10,500 for 5-bedroom units (only 1 transaction).

Appreciation value analysis

1. Good price appreciation of condos in Bukit Panjang and District 23

resale price appreciation in bukit panjang

Price appreciation of resale transactions in Bukit Panjang, District 23 and OCR in the past 15 years

Based on the graph above, average psf prices for resale transactions in both Bukit Panjang and District 23 have appreciated over 120% over the last 15 years. This is higher than the price appreciation of 114.99% for the entire OCR.

Hence, The Botany stands a good chance of enjoying a price appreciation that's higher than the OCR. This is coupled with the fact that its average psf prices are possibly lower than recent and upcoming new launches.

2. Price appreciation of condos in the Dairy Farm area

price appreciation of condos in dairy farm

Price appreciation of condos in Dairy Farm in the past 15 years (with a timeline of new launches)

If we look at the Dairy Farm area alone, the condos there have also enjoyed steady appreciation in the last 15 years. The Dairy Farm and Tree House have seen the highest appreciation at a rate of 108% and 64% respectively. It's interesting to note that whenever there's a new launch in the area, average psf prices of condos around it have generally increased.

From what we've seen so far, the government has been gradual in releasing GLS sites in the Dairy Farm area. This helps to ensure that there isn't an oversupply of housing in the area but interestingly, it also helps with price appreciation in existing condos. Based on the URA masterplan, there will be five to six new condos in the area in future so their launches might strengthen The Botany's value in the coming years. With the rising land prices, materials and labour, it's inevitable that future projects in the area will be priced higher than The Botany. Hence, buyers who are looking for a more affordable option but still want a fairly recent resale condo will look to The Botany.

3. Upcoming developments in the west

the reserve residences artist's impression

The west will also see a couple of upcoming developments that will boost the value of The Botany. This includes the rejuvenation of Beauty World into an integrated transport hub with shops, F&B, community and public spaces. As The Botany is only one MRT stop away from Beauty World, this might positively impact its value.

Other developments include the Jurong Lake District and Jurong Industrial District which will be two significant business and industrial hubs in the west. Hence, those who work in these districts will most likely want to move nearer to their offices, and The Botany could be a viable option.


Overall, The Botany At Dairy Farm is a great fit for families upgrading from the Bukit Panjang and Bukit Batok neighbourhoods and those looking for a relatively lower entry price compared to other new launches in OCR.

It has a good mix of units and layouts which cater to various family sizes. Facilities-wise, there are plenty of amenities dedicated to families but the developers have also ensured that there are spaces for different demographics.

The Dairy Farm area is shaping up to be a private housing enclave that'll appeal to those who prefer living in a more peaceful environment. With the surrounding nature reserves, you'll also get to enjoy the greenery and fresh air at your doorstep. At the same time, you're less than a 10-minute walk to Hillview MRT station which gives you connectivity to the Downtown line.

One thing to note is that there will only be one mall, Dairy Farm Mall, which has a supermarket, F&B outlets and a childcare centre. However, if you drive, it won't be such a hassle to get to other malls and amenities in neighbouring areas like Beauty World and Bukit Panjang.

As the first new launch in District 23, The Botany At Dairy Farm is definitely an interesting project to look out for.

The Botany At Dairy Farm is now open for previews. Click the “Enquire Now” button for the latest project updates and book a showflat viewing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Botany At Dairy Farm's price?

The Botany At Dairy Farm's prices start from S$998,000 for 1-Bedroom + Study, S$1.2 million for 2-Bedroom, S$1.73 million for 3-Bedroom, S$2.39 million for 4-Bedroom and S$2.88 million for 5-Bedroom units. The indicative starting psf price of S$1,871 is lower compared to recent new launches.

Where is The Botany At Dairy Farm's showflat?

The Botany At Dairy Farm's showflat is at 50A Dairy Farm Walk. Click "Enquire Now" to book your showflat visit.

Is The Botany At Dairy Farm a good investment?

The Botany At Dairy Farm is a good investment if you're looking earn a profit from your sale. Average prices are expected to appreciate in future as more new launch condos are built in the area. If you're looking for rental investments, The Botany is also great as it will be popular with expatriates and their families who attend the international schools nearby.

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